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Earth Hour


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There are 8 billion stories in the naked city.


Have you read these quotes by Daisetz Suzuki?

"We have never been driven out of Eden;

We still retain Our innocence;

We are innocent just because of our sinfulness;

Paradise and original sin are not contradictory;

God wanted to know himself, hence the creation;

Men we know ourselves we know God;

etc. etc." ...

"The so-called opposition between Innocence and knowledge . . . is not

the kind of opposition we see between black and white, good and evil,

right and wrong. . . . The opposition is, as it were, between container

and the contained, between the background and the stage, between the

field and the players moving on it . . . It is like the rain that falls on the

just and the unjust. It is like the sun nsing on the good and on the

evil, on your foes and on your friends"


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