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Here's my CBC Radio 3 page with 5 tunes and a video on it


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I might as well tell you how this CD came about.

since the project is finished and this is a place where you're supposed to discuss what you're doing

I'll retro it and tell you how it came about.

In 2005 a week before Christmas I decided to make an original CD of my stuff for each relative that I was celebrating Christmas with. I made 7 CDs with different music on each of them.

I used my 61 note Korg Triton and Kurzweil SP-88 plugged directly into my Tascam CD-RW 700. Played for hours on end day and night recording directly into the CD burner.

I then decided which tunes would stay and which would go.

Finalized the CDs and gave them to my relatives for Christmas.

A couple of months ago I asked if I could have the CDs back for awhile so that I may copy them and try to create a compilation CD from the 7 CDs.

I was originally going to have 7 instrumentals on the CD which I felt was complete at that point but then someone on the Greg Lake message board

a few weeks ago stated something like "7 is that all? What are you going to make 3 on your next one, then less on the next?"

So at that point I decided that I might be too harsh on myself, as other artists in the past had dismissed their own tunes for an album yet put them on just to fill space which later on became hits. So after more self criticism I decided that these 14 instrumentals should suffice. I have another techno tune but it couldn't fit on the CD as it is 71 minutres and 47 seconds long. So these are the instrumentals I decided to put together.

So instrumentals 3, 10 & 13 which can be listened to here:


are part of that result.

As you visit the website the online radio is playing so click on the pause button to the left above my photo then click the play button for the track to the right of my photo under music.

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