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led zeppelin, UK, first pressing, turquoise etc etc etc


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Im a french 24 yo guy, acidcore/hardcore/breakcore/drum DJ.

I have a strange led zeppelin records, and have a hard time to determine if its the famous first UK pressing :

- Letter on sleeve are blue/turquoise but my seems to be less "flashy" than photo we can find thru the net

- catalog number 588171

- The sleeve HAVENT the "led zeppelin" inscription we can see here : http://2006andreamvinyl.co.uk/.....ge9145.jpg

- record macaron is similar to second uk pressing (with 588171 ref) but credit are like "1, 2, 4 Superhype music", a line break and "3. Jewel Music"

And strange stuff :

- runnout are "LZ A" and "LZ B" (icon_question.gificon_confused.gif )

- the side two DONT HAVE the typicall "two track" appareance (all track seems to be separate in my, but ive see that the first UK pressing look as if it has just 2 track with only one separation).

- the runnout of my rec isn't as wide as it is in some photo (or the contrary lol I dont remember : its perhaps wider - it is different for sure).

Any idea ?

(I dont need a price estimation I just want to know if its the original or not, I dont want to sell it)

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Hello Led Zep friends.

Can somebody tell me differences between Led Zep 1 "Turquoise lettering" press and "Orange Lettering" press? Difference is only by the colors of letters on sleeve or also something on vinyl?

2) do you something about this Replica "Turquoise" from 2010:

http://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-Led ... se/2722399

How to recognise this "fake" from the original Turquoise from 1969?

Thanx. Sonet66

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