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Matt Medlock gets Zep


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I dreaded another another rock poll, but after reading this quote , he really gets zeppelin

Without Led Zeppelin, hard rock and heavy metal today would be crap. Whatever lessons you could have learned from Cream or Hendrix or Sabbath or anyone else, doesn’t matter. Zeppelin was it in a way that is impossible to define “it.” That’s because it differs from person to person. Trying to figure out why they got lousy reviews in their day, I can only glean two possible theories. I’ll get to the other one later, but first: there’s no way to analyze their music on a strictly professional, logical manner. Someone could have sat there at their typewriter and hammered out some bullshit about the “You Shook Me” echo effect or the colossal sound of the drum on “When the Levee Breaks” or “No Quarter”’s eerie bowed guitar, but no knowledge matters. That’s why Zeppelin is so great for young, hungry minds and folks diving into the warm, choppy waters of rock music. There’s no study or experience required—it just hits you and does something (even if that something is turn you off for whatever unsavory reason). It reduces all response to a series of grunts and lurches, and all other thoughts, fears and considerations just melt into the groove.

Fifty Years of Great Music

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