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Never heard of relative tuning? Fret the bottom E sting at the 5th fret - that is what your A string should sound like....and so on.

I don't own an electric tuner - I have a reference mp3 which gives an E, thats all you need. Tuners are handy but not essential.

BTW - the first chord in Stairway is an A-minor

Yeah...if your E is already in tune...if it's not, tuning the rest of your strings to that isn't going to do you any good.

I was talking about how if I don't have a tuner handy (or a reference mp3 to give me an E) I'll play the first note of Stairway (an A) and if it doesn't sound right I'll know where it should be since the song is so familiar to me, then I'll tune it up to the note that's in my head. Then I'll tune the rest to that.

Just using that as an example of how, for example, when that song started I knew right away that the key was changed.

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hell yeah!

And in No Quarter ("the winds of Thor are blowing..." - cue very loud theremin)

Yes I noticed that !! was that the point where plant was stuggling with the note ??

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