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Jimmy Page best tone on record

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Page's tone on "In My Time of Dying" CLEANS HOUSE. The biggest baddest slide work around, zooming in and out on the solo like it's coming from another world.

"Walter's Walk", especially the raucous fade out, which could be THE heaviest moment in Zeppelin history, with Page's tone, Bonzo's pounding, and Plant matching their ferocity full force.

"The Song Remains The Same" a total tour de force of Jimmy's broad palette of tones, all working together, not just showboating.

His tone on "Achillest Last Stand", "Hots On For Nowhere", and "Nobody's Fault But Mine" (which was crazy at the O2 reunion, he broke out his whammy pedal or something amazing to sound just like the record).

The solo break on WLL is always top notch.

"In The Evening" - I dig the way his backward tremolo release intro comes crashing into his solo. Never heard anything like it before or since. Innovative, slick, and edgy, but always serving the song properly.

"Communication Breakdown" remains the quintessential rock solo, quick to the point, with bending, balls, tone, attitude....holy Christ Page screams on this solo.

Best answer on this post. Keen insight there. That was fun to read.

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"The Rover" was the one that first came to mind for me. It's one of my all-time favorites.

I also love his tone on "The Song Remains The Same" (a crystal-like shimmer underneath it all).

Also "I'm Gonna Crawl" (the main lick is similar in tone to "The Song Remains The Same" but even more elegant and his bluesy solo is perhaps his prettiest ever recorded. Alongside TSRTS version of "Since I've Been Loving You" it is probably my favorite Zeppelin solo.

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Lets see...

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Middle electric guitar - Danelectro with Supro)

Good Times, Bad Times Solo (Telecaster with Leslie speaker)

Black Dog (The phased rhythm guitars (also on The Only One) + The solo with the Les Paul and Leslie

Starway to Heaven Solo - Telecaster w/Supro

When The Levee Breaks

Ten Years Gone (The Guitar Army)

Achilles Last Stand (includes phase pedal)

Hots On for Nowhere (The nasally two pickup sound ala Peter Green ((Thanks to the Push Pull Pots)) )

I'm Gonna Crawl Solo - Killer

Pride and Joy (From Coverdale/Page)

The push pull pots that were fitted after Zeppelin days......... yawn......
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Dancing Days is a beautiful tone, amazingly well balanced..other ones that spring to mind are the solo in 'Since..', 'The Ocean', and I love the tone of the rhythm and lead guitar parts in Travelling Riverside Blues. Jimmy had a great knack in the studio for blending tones and getting the perfect balance and feel when he played distorted..heavy without ever being turgid...so many other guitarists just dial in a generic pub rock distortion sound and run amok. Never Jimmy..he had the masterful grace and touch of a painter

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