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Pink Floyd to release unheard tracks

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Can I talk you into posting a pic or two for me?

Unlike those photoshopped pictures, there REALLY is a giant pig floating above the Capitol Records tower here in Hollywood. I've gotten some great photos of it already...just waiting for a nice pink sunset to get some more.

Don't know how long the pig will fly.. maybe a week? A month?

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Save the image as a .jpg. Open up a photo editing program you have on your computer (Everyone who has a PC has Microsoft Paint) and then re-save the image as filename.jpg. That way when you upload it to Imageshack or wherever, it'll show up here.

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I need to pick that up. It's actually astonishing how their biggest success turned into their biggest problem.

Conflict was always going to happen as Gilmour become less of a "new boy" and he and Wright grew appart from Waters musically IMHO.

I think what really doomed the Floyd was the lost savings/tax situation in 78/79. I'm sure things were hostile behind the scenes before then but Waters and Gilmour/Wright each pushing there own side musically produced a great end result on Wish You Were Here and Animals. The Tax incident allowed Waters to really assume control though and while The Wall had its moment(mostly the tracks were Gilmour had more imput) it put them on a sure path to The Final Cut with Waters in total control producing very uncommerical music.

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I picked up the Pink Floyd sampler available at Best Buy, because it had something that even this Floydophile had never heard before. It's an alternate version of Have A Cigar, with both Roger Waters AND David Gilmour doing vocals. I thought I had heard just about everything Pink Floyd had done up to this point, but I was surprised by that one.


What's interesting as well, is the demo for Another Brick In The Wall pt. 1, has completely different lyrics and music to what's on The Wall.

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I bought this too. You're right, it is interesting. In some ways, the demo of Another Brick kind of surpasses the well known version. Not so much the lyrics as the different beat, it creates a much different atmosphere for the tune I think.

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Well, what do we think? Probably sacrilegious to say so, but I prefer it over On The Run, which I thought while sounding good on the record, never had that *oomph* live. Now this.....this has *oomph*. I can appreciate their desire to do new things, and try out new technologies, but I've always thought On The Run was the weakest part of The Dark Side of the Moon (relative to everything else on the record), and had this been put in its place.....well, I guess it's a lot of what-ifs now.

I do thank the boys in the band for making this available to us all these years later.

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Well, Roger Waters said on Jimmy Fallon that he would be back in the U.S.A. in 2012, The USA Tour will be officially announced nexr week(first week in November)and that Live Nation (and possibly Roger) will be giving a press conference at Wrigley Field, Chicago next Tuesday (Nov. 1).Tickets will be going on sale VERY SOON. I just seen some not-yet-official dates here:


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The Wall’ Continues

Posted on Tuesday November 1, 2011 at 08:58 AM 5 |

Roger Waters has not kept it a secret that his visually stunning production of “The Wall” would continue on into 2012. Now it’s known that it’s not just a few shows, but at least 36.

The 2012 version of the production begins in Houston at the Toyota Center May 1.

Waters has tweaked the show as it has gone along, adding or changing elements that have kept it relevant. But now it’s apparently been adjusted to make it an outdoor show – which should suit concertgoers having withdrawals now that U2’s extravagant production has been mothballed.

The latest trek includes stadium stops at San Francisco’s AT&T Park May 11, Vancouver’s BC Place May 26, Chicago’s Wrigley Field June 8, Toronto’s Rogers Centre June 23 and the last listed show at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park July 14.

There are also a few TBDs – in Los Angeles, Boston and New York – which could also mean stadiums if the right deals are in the works.

  • 1010260213370269509_745291_v2.jpg

    Roger Waters

    XL Center, Hartford, Conn.
    October 15, 2010
    (George Tazzini / PhotosFromToday.com)
    Add |

Those of you who’ve seen this show know what to do – bring a friend. It’s one of those concerts you’ve probably told all your more stationary buddies about.

“When Roger Waters finished building ‘The Wall’ in its entirety, at Madison Square Garden, it was just another brick on what was the best arena concert I’ve ever been to. Period,” wrote the New York Post’s Dan Aquilante.

For those who pay attention to the music, it includes guitarists Snowy White, Dave Kilminster and G.E. Smith, Harry Waters on Hammond Organ and Graham Broad on Drums.

--Joe Reinartz

2012 Tour Dates:


Concert Photos:


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