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2010 exactly30 yrs!

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since I'm only dreamin--I think 2010 cause ya have to have time for plannin such a transcendent event

An outdoor concert. So I can feel ya'll under the heavens--so I can get me Zep on under the stars. Im in CA--so in the mojave desert--yeah

not glen helen-saw Ozzy there and they started burnin trash with an hour(maybe not an hour) to go in the show--Man the people in the grass got totally smoked out and not in a good way--

ok--wtf--I'm on this site again.....

"Damn" This time I'm really stayin away


And thanks yall for readin and postin' I figure zep fans(that really get Zep) are all good spirited folk!!

and I've enjoyed hearin your stories, posts and clips.


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