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Supro Accordian Amp


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post-17303-0-07049000-1305328403_thumb.jpost-17303-0-20985200-1305328381_thumb.jpost-17303-0-20985200-1305328381_thumb.jpost-17303-0-55165600-1305328351_thumb.jI have run across this Supro Accordian Amp and have heard all the stories about how this type Amp was used by Jimmy Page on the 1'st Led Zepplin album. I know there are a lot of bogus stories out there that these claims are valid so I thought I would send pics to see if anybody knows anything about this particular Amp. If so, please call Christina at (209)239-0956 or (209)275-0696, or e-mail me at supercalif@comcast.net.post-17303-0-08967200-1305328322_thumb.j
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