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What do you believe in?


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I just got a PM about something about a guy named Joel which sounds pretty bad. All I can say is that is not me.

I certainly don't want people thinking I am this person.

Well, dont take one person's word on everything. He is quite misunderstood IMO and is quite a smart fella. He has been banned more times than I can count and I was also some time back. I have been forgiven for now. Ha. Hopefully for good. Fingers crossed. There are many here that will never accept Joel. He is not the type that is willing to go with the flow or give in to popular acceptable behavior. But he is not a monster like some have tried to portray him. I really dont want to get in the middle of this one. I know how most feel and that includes those in charge here. If you ever talk to him you can judge for yourself. When it comes to music, he knows his stuff. He saw Led Zeppelin in Hawaii back before I did. I believe after the second album? I saw them on memorial day of 77. Peace!

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I believe in:







Not celebrating anyone's death, no matter who they were.

My family and friends.


The right to an opinion.

I believe:

Arrogance while tolerated is never respected.

Self praise is no recommendation.

That the world will not end on 20/12/2012 contrary to the Mayan calendar and that no-one knows exactly when it WILL happen!

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I believe in peace , love and understanding but carry a big stick just in case

I believe in a higher power but have no time for any church

I believe in family first, friends second

I believe in honour

I believe in others but mostly, I believe in myself

Oh and I believe Glasgow Rangers won the SPL title today :cheer:

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I completely agree with the last 4 posts. Plus if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. The glass is always half full; and if I am complaining about something stupid I need to stop and count my blessings.

And I believe that Santa only brings presents to those who believe.

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I believe in

Keeping most of what I earn every week, and defending your right to do the same.

Music is the Universal language.

Everything is relative.

The truth always comes out.

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I believe in quality-longevity-originality, and sadly, those seem to be traits lost in so many things today.

Moving on and change aren't necessarily good things.

The "tried and true" will always win out over the "newfangled".

I believe the few outweigh the needs of the many.

And pessimistically, I believe mankind's fate is doomed for failure.

I do however believe that there are pockets of peace and solitude that can still be found, but those are fleeting with man's voracious appetite of exploitation.

I believe in Zero Population Growth, but even now, it's too late and should've been instituted centuries ago.

I believe people, who might normally be pretty mellow, get aggressive behind the wheel because they've taken on too many things in life and are constantly in a hurry, believe they're not shit if they're not number 1, and have some fault in their breeding that caused some insane need in their psyche for speed.

I believe cigarette smokers are idiots and that if their habit isn't extinguished, the should be.

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I believe in live and let live, don't expect me to twist myself into knots blending into diversity but I respect a persons background and their beliefs.....respect mine too.

I believe in God, not religion but God.

I believe in science, why you have to choose between either a belief in a higher being or in hard science escapes me totally.

I believe in my wife and she believes in me, and that's enough.

I believe in equal rights for all under the law.

I believe in personal Liberty and the right to choose your path in life. Your freedoms, your choices.

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