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What do you call the Fourth Album?


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  1. 1. Which title?

    • Led Zeppelin IV
    • Zoso
    • Four Symbols
    • The Fourth Album
    • Untitled
    • Runes
    • Other

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Growing up, if we were already spinning Led Zeppelin LP's and it was time for a new LP to be put on then I would refer to it a IV. But if we were spinning some other band and I wanted to listen to IV then I would call it Led Zeppelin IV. Today, since it's always me making the choice what to play I don't even think much about it to be honest but I guess that I would still have the same train of thought as when I was a youngster.

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Doesn't Jimmy himself call it Led Zeppelin IV? Or 'The Fourth Album'. I never understood how anyone ever got any other name for it after Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III...

Can anyone shed some light on how the title 'Zoso' ever came about for it?

And Led Zeppelin 4? C'mon now. It's not Led Zeppelin 2, Led Zeppelin 3 and Led Zeppelin 4 lol.

I understand 'Untitled' but Led Zeppelin IV is simple for everyone.

I also wonder why Houses Of The Holy was untitled for a long time. I never knew there was originally a banner on it until the remasters.

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