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quick review, short & sweet, of the whole day

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what a day....

......the sound did not suit the 02 arena, now this is mainly due that led zeppelin seemed to prefer outdoor stages, however they blew me away, i was worried that this would be an abysmal show,but i can ahppily say that this was the best concert ive ever been to.

we arrived at the 02 at 10:00 am , checked in, had no problem receiving our tickets, many people had got this out of the way on sunday,we went straight to the merchandising bay, waited about 1 hr before it opened. then we purchased t-shirts, hard back programmes, mugs etc.

we met up with some american ladies, who really added to the experience, lined up in the wrong queue,many hours later, we got into the right queue, did not get into the stage until about 6;30 pm, but we manged to get right infront of the stage, 20 metres away !!!!!!!!!!!

Harvey Goldsmith came on stage, showed a quick video about ahmet etergun, then the support acts started, emerson lake and palmer first, cant quite remember the other. Bill wyman's set was crap, during a quite interlude,i shouted "fuck off bill"

he replied:

"there's plenty more"

finally, the satge was prepared, jimmy page's rig and "zozo" guitar cabinets were rolled on stage, bonham's drum kit was prepared, and to the strains of "good times bad times" the mighty band came on stage, three songs before robert addresed the audience.

full set list:

'Good Times Bad Times'

'Ramble On'

'Black Dog'

'In My Time Of Dying'

'For Your Life'

'Trampled Under Foot'

'Nobody's Fault But Mine'

'No Quarter'

'Since I've Been Loving You'

'Dazed And Confused'

'Stairway To Heaven'

'The Song Remains The Same'

'Misty Mountain Hop'


'Whole Lotta Love'

'Rock And Roll'

the band seemed very professional and committed, as the night wore on

plant seemed more relaxed, infact so did the whole band:

"please welcome jason" he said

i've checked the pitch of some songs, being a professional guitarist myself, i know some of the songs were tuned done a whole tone, for example "stairway" was played in the key of G minor, not A minor.

"Dazed and confused" was spectular, so were all the other numbers

Jason Bonham's drumming suited zeppelin's music just fine, a different style to his legendary father, not as funky as his father, but still an exceptional performance by Jason.

Jimmy came on satge with a long, black coat, sunglasses, and quickly took this coat off, then revealed a tidy white shirt, with black waist coat, the waist coat quickly came off, too.

i must admit, seeing jimmy page perform with led zeppelin was like seeing God.


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