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On the first song ( Immigrant song ), There seems to be 2 singers, Rob with the high notes and someone in the background, is this over dub, tape glitch or one of the others singing, or am I just being dumb?

To my ears I only hear Bobby Plant singing, however, I do hear some of the audience in the background either singing along or talking among themselves somewhere near the bootlegger.

By the way, I really do appreciate all the live Led Zeppelin shows you have uploaded on YouTube. I have listened to all the shows you have put out on YouTubes Led Zeppelin Radio. I encourage you to upload all that you have and are able to. Great stuff. Thank You!!!

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The year of Led Zeppelin says this ...

The tape begins just before the guitar solo in Immigrant Song. Plant's wails echo over the coda

thx Lzzoso, I'm back to normal uploads on that channel, LedZepBoots will have full length uploads from now on

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