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Which Zeppelin would you marry?

Which Zeppelin would you marry?  

283 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you marry if you could

    • Jason Bonham (he's actually no real Zeppelin, but still)
    • John Bonham (if he lived)
    • John Paul Jones
    • Jimmy Page
    • Robert Plant
    • No one!

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I love Zeppelin very much, and think they're are all really great...

but I wouldn't marry any member of Zep past or present. I don't think I'd want to marry any major rock star, as a matter of fact. I've seen what goes on at shows....

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it's interesting that Jimmy is in the lead for most favorite but Robert is in the lead for most "marry-able".

I would think Jimmy would be winning both, because sometimes you just don't know what Robert is going to do!

I guess I don't know the attraction, and that's why I'm not a woman.

haha I still voted for Jimmy here though.

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I can't decide. They're all pretty cute, although I like Jimmy the best at this point (but Robert was my first love, and I have a soft spot for Jonesy as well). I'd have to decide based on personality, which would obviously be the smart thing to do if this weren't just a fantasy, but since it is...can't I just have a Led Zeppelin sandwich instead? :P

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I would marry Jimmy becuase,I think he would be very good husband material he is thoughtful,sensitive and kind and he isn't big on his attitude.

I would marry Robert but he has a little bit of an attitude problem I don't think i could relate to him.But,I am sure he is very kind.I read some of the comments here and I heard he is really nice when you meet him in person.At least he talks to you.Some rock stars like Guns and Roses have an attitude problem I don't like them at all they think thay are better then ever band.

I would marry John Paul cuz we both play the piano and other instruments at that.I think he is very talented.He deserves to have a wife.Whoever she is she is a lucky woman!how did you ever meet him?he would be an excellent father.

I would marry John Bohnam becaue I think he would be a good father.he seems to have alot of qualities that you would want as a loving father and he seems that he would be loyal and faithful as a husband.

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it's interesting that Jimmy is in the lead for most favorite but Robert is in the lead for most "marry-able".

I also thought Jimmy would be the most "marry-able". It's funny Jason hasn't even got one vote.

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