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Which Zeppelin would you marry?


Which Zeppelin would you marry?  

284 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you marry if you could

    • Jason Bonham (he's actually no real Zeppelin, but still)
    • John Bonham (if he lived)
    • John Paul Jones
    • Jimmy Page
    • Robert Plant
    • No one!

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I'm going to answer the question seriously, even though I don't think it was posed seriously:

I'm pretty sure JPJ is married and RP is living with someone, so that leaves Jimmy Page. Would I marry him? Sounds like an interesting idea....aside from the fact that he's my idol, he seems like an interesting person with a sense of humor, and we obviously have some similar interests in art, literature and travel. The fact that he believes in astrology and maybe some other weird things doesn't bother me. I think though that we would have to first meet and go on some dates, no? I don't think Page wants to get married again; if he's looking for someone my guess is he's only looking for a girlfriend. I guess if we dated, it would mean transAtlantic travel, but that's not a problem because it's easy to fly to London from here. I would never move overseas unless I had a job there...no way would I give up my career for a man, no matter who it was. Actually I think it would be good for Jimmy to marry or date someone like me, a woman who has an education and professional background...it might make him less cynical about women. I think people should date/marry people who challenge them a little bit. Unfortunately many men marry women they can look down on, or think they can look down on, and this only leads to problems. So, Mr. Page, call me!

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Even though I am happily married and in my late 50's, love these polls, lol what a laugh imagining we could pick which one to marry. For me it would have to be Robert, can imagine wonderful cosy evenings listening to all his tales of the 70's, and hopefully he would some unreleased material (or borrow off Jimmy) of concerts I have not seen yet.

He could wake me up every morning with a cup of tea and a song,

Angela x

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Hmmm... as a fantasy, probably Jimmy, but I see him as quite a distant spouse, someone who likes doing things by himself and doesn't like giving any explanations, not very faithful either, but what do I know.

Robert seems like the kind of person who can dazzle you when you first meet and the cracks start appearing later. Very charismatic, but needs constant attention and adoration, that's just how I see him.

Bonzo seemed to be the one with whom you would never get bored and was very devoted to his family.

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Why settle for one? In the best of worlds, I'd like a stable of Zep hubbies - all of them in their prime, of course. JPJ for great conversation, Bonzo for the warmest hugs, Robert to make me laugh 'til I cry and, from what those who've been there say, Jimmy to lose yourself in his kiss & have all your senses driven wild - so that's Monday night - can't wait for tomorrow!

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John Paul Jones is the only Zep member I could ever consider marrying. He's the only one whose marriage made it past the 20 year mark. A lot would depend upon whether or not I could tolerate his sense of humor and snarky comments.

No man as sexy, charismatic and wealthy as Robert Plant remains unmarried after 30 + years unless he wants to be. Big hint there for me and any other woman who fancies Mr. Plant. Perhaps a good guy to have a fling with, but don't plan on settling down with him.

John Bonham's struggles with alcohol and other substances are a big turn off for me. I wouldn't have even dated him; let alone marry him. Sorry Bonzo.

Jimmy Page fascinates me, but I don't think he's good husband material. He's had two failed marriages and one failed long-term relationship. The one thing Charlotte Martin, Patricia Page and Jimena Page all have in common is him. He might be good for one of those intense whirlwind romances but I wouldn't let myself get serious about him.

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The comments are funny:-)

Just for fun... hypothetically: JPJ without a doubt and I would never disrespect MO in any way.

Bonham would have been fun to just hang out with.

As much as I adore Jimmy and Robert, well....

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