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Deep Purple at the PNC in NJ on 6/10/11


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Good times as the band played with an orchestra. Lots of nice jams. Have to go to work so here's the setlist:

1. Highway Star

2. Hard Lovin' Man

3. Maybe I'm a Leo

4. Strange Kind of Woman

5. Rapture of the Deep

6. Woman From Tokyo

7. Contact Lost

8. Guitar Solo

9. When a Blind Man Cries

10. The Well Dressed Guitar

11. Knocking at Your Back Door

12. Lazy

13. No One Came

14. Keyboard Solo

15. Perfect Strangers

16. Space Truckin'

17. Smoke on the Water

18. Hush (E)

19. Bass Solo (E)

20. Black Night (E)

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my dads name was Ian Gillan (just spelled differently). :D

I saw them in SYdney last year. Great set, but no "Child in time" unfortunately...Im guessing Gillan cant hit those high notes anymore.

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