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Pat Travers Powr Trio-How Many More Times


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Many of you have probably heard this already it not it's worth checking out. I heard it randomly on our community radio station and being a PT fan feel he does an excellent job channeling jimmy. Apparently PT did a CD in 2006 with a bunch of covers, here's the list. Now to try and find this album somwhere and hear the rest:

You Are The Music

I'm Yours, She's Mine

Stone Cold Fever

Rock Me Baby

Green Eyed Lady

Black Night

Aimless Lady


Red Skies

Ready For Love

Rock The Nation

How Many More Times

Keep Yourself Alive

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Thanks for the heads up...just finished listening to it...pretty solid collection...and damned good playing...Interesting take on How Many More Times...in the sense that he used the guitar to handle the tougher vocal sections...my only caveat with this version is that it underscores how much JPJ and Bonzo brought to Zeppelin's songs...without their "swing" it seems a tad...sluggish...but all in all it's a fun listen. I really enjoyed the Montrose and Cream covers...

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