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Led Zeppelin sales soar!

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The Daily Telegraph:


Led Zeppelin sales soar after concert success

Sales of Led Zeppelin’s back catalogue soared today after the spectacular success of their one-off reunion concert.

The group’s best-of album, Mothership, have already gone Platinum, meaning it has sold more than 300,000 copies, but Gennaro Castaldo, a spokesman for HMV, said it was on track to become one of the biggest best-sellers.

Sales of the album at the company’s 240 stores leapfrogged those of Westlife and the Spice Girls to become the chain’s number one seller.

“Sales of their album have had a massive, massive boost by the concert,” he said.

“It was our best-selling album today, up from number eight last week. Led Zeppelin t-shirts have also been our most popular since the concert.”

Mr Castaldo said that sales of the band’s DVD, The Song Remains the Same, and its back catalogue had rocketed by 500 per cent since the concert.

The Led Zeppelin official website became the third most visited for an artist or band, beaten only by Katie Melua and Radiohead.

The web was also awash with calls from the army of followers for the British group to announce a world tour.

Jimmy Page, the guitarist, has already indicated that he would like to play more shows, but singer Robert Plant has so far appeared reluctant to commit.

“If the crowd response didn’t convince Robert then nothing will,” one fan wrote after watching the show at the O2 Centre in London.

“Led Zep owe us a tour. Robert needs to start thinking about all the fans who love them,” said another.

Another pleaded: “I hope they will. There are so many of us who missed out on tickets for a concert we’d imagined for nearly three decades.”

According to industry insiders, the band have two nights at Wembley Stadium in London on hold for next summer.

But sources close to the band said that a decision had not yet been made because “their energies were concentrated 100 per cent on last night’s gig”.

However, he added: “A tour has certainly not been ruled out and Jimmy has said it would be a shame not to do more.”

Shortly after the band’s music was available to download last month, their classic 1971 song Stairway to Heaven went straight into the Top 40.

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