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Led Zep offered 2 gigs last night at wembly

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It's been reported that LZ has been given unprecedented offers to tour.

These guys have the world by the tail feathers and can do anything they want.

We just need to wait and see what will happen.

Think good thoughts!

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If this is true, I think that was the wrong time to to do that, .....geez, they haven't had time to relax & reflect yet.

Just wait a few months to see how they'd feel about it......AND Robert will be getting ready to tour with Allison soon so I imagine that is the next project on his mind at the moment.

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Led Zep was offered 2 gig's last night at Webley this summer, Robert said "NO" What does this tell you?

Not much, other than I have a hard time believing anyone would be so crass as to raise that subject last night. Any offers would have to be coordinated thru all four of the group's respective managers anyway.

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Well I'll be at Wembley but if you have the scoop on another secret gig at Webley, we need to talk B)

Oh didn't I tell you about the invite only show at Webley??

There will be a small select few of us attending that one :rolleyes:

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