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Chuck Klosterman on Led Zeppelin

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Did not see that. Sorry. Thanks for letting me know. I guess it doesn't hurt to have two ways to find it.

Mainly just telling you so that you could read other's opinion of the article.


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Can a girl comment in this tread, or this a boys only zone? :D Because I read this aticle and enjoyed the read, and clearly it is written from a specific male point of view, but a couple of things have stuck in my brain that I'd like to contribute.

ABSOLUTELY girls/women can comment here! The more the merrier! In fact, I think I mentioned it was a male-centric viewpoint, which is also why I included the interview bit after the article, where he answers a question about women and Led Zeppelin.

Hi Strider,all,

Let's! :D

Are we talking radio?Sales?My mom and my mom's friends and my friends moms were NOT listening to Pat Boone nor Fabian,... B) Those records were still being played on phonograph,remember that? :P

I never said that,a band of influence I agree and still a favorite at this address.They did re-introduce R&R and then made it their own?Oui?

I think The Rolling Stones,Kinks would have done just fine.

Best Bro! KB

Forget it...you're(and all the other people nit-picking about the Beatles) missing the point and it's not worth dragging it out further, as in regards to the article, it's not important. It's like missing the forest for the trees.

So, let's move on.

Yes, Chuck wrote a funny piece about "In the Evening" at Knebworth, and I referenced that in my 1st post...but since Jahfin had already posted the article thread, I saw no need to post it here. One of my pet peeves is board clutter; redundant thread topics drive me crazy.

Anyway, although I'm not able to cut and paste the entire essays here, I did find a link to Chuck's essay on Led Zeppelin IV and his interview with Robert Plant, both published in Spin's "Metal Issue" in 2002. Both are fun reads, and Plant has some interesting things to say....and some classic putdowns, as usual.

Here's the link to ...go to the Chapter "Deep Sabbath", pages 89-99...that's where you will find "In the Beginning There Was Zoso" and his 2002 interview with Plant.

Chuck Klosterman's Zoso essay and Plant interview

I'm not saying you'll agree, or like, every point Klosterman makes...but can we not get bogged down in semantics this time. No more talk about the Beatles, please.

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All apologies. I didn't realize there was a set limit on the page views to the googlebooks page that I linked. I'll have to find another way to post "In the Beginning, There was Zoso" and the Plant interview.

Maybe I'll just stay up and enter it by hand. :faint1:

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