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To Hell with touring, make new music

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That's not the spirit and anyway Macca's 2007 effort, I was very surprised to discover, was a bit of a gem. A proper album that wants to play again even though you weren't that sure about it and proceeds to make itself comfortable in your house. It had garnered 100 good press reviews last time I was on a Beatle board so time to check it. You'll enjoy finding out you're wrong, I can promise.

With Zep 2.0, my pet wish is not an album but a mini-album...an EP even. Something that can sidestep all that 'Will it be a proper Zep album' and all of that Q magazine canonisation top twenty albums shit and just be something that declares its own justification for existing. Something that stands alone and is looking for a fight.


I'd like to see new music too, but what if it's crap? Not saying it would be but there's always a risk. Look at the Stones and Macca, legendary songwriters who haven't put a decent album out in over 20 years. I don't know what it is about aging artists, but apparently there is a creative "window" they go through and once they lose it they REALLY lose it.

There is no risk involved in touring the classics, and they could always slip in a new song or two without embarrassing themselves with a shitty album.

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So, let's suppose that this is true and there are U.S. tour dates... are the cities listed by name?

What cities? I could possibly allow myself to be excited about that. B)

I don't want to be disappointed. I did my best to maintain during the concert the other day.

perhaps these are concert dates for Zeppelin cover bands...i don't think the locations or cities would be where they would start a US tour

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