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Thank You California For..

Brad Hamilton

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...And Berkeley, Sacramento, Santa Monica city council, Los Angeles Unified School District, The California Coastal Commission or any number of kooky organizations bent on turning all of California into a Mojave Dessert without plastic bags, American flags, BBQ pits or a high school education that includes being able to recite the pledge of allegiance in English. But other than that, Hollywood itself is much better than it was a few decades ago. Now you have to look really hard to find hookers and crack houses.

So despite all the madness in California I doubt I could bring myself to live anywhere else for many reasons.;)


Those are some of the reasons I moved up here, but it was mainly because I COULD NOT STAND the bay area rat race anymore.

There's more people in the bay area than there are in the whole damned state of Washington. <_<

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I'm going to thank California for an awesome vacation earlier this year. I had a blast and hope to go back again soon. Great food places, beaches, and lots of beautiful scenery.

California is sure worth all the songs it's had written about it. :D

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