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I didn't think it was odd .. and in some ways it was describing what must have been a breathtaking moment. Bittersweet perhaps .... this year's is definitively cheerful : Merry Christmas to all !

And aen27 - I thought of you as soon as I saw it was something new !

I love his OTD memory from last year. I thought it was lovely. This one for the 26th isn't a new one. I just checked back, but as it was said earlier the new ones may not begin until January-- but we'll keep watch. :D

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...I suppose it's all matter of destiny and fate...

Remembering The One-Time Residence of Goa, the Late Vernon Pereria...Band of Joy; Vernon Pereira: Album debut 35 years on vermon.gif

15 Sep: Birmingham Mail. Exploration by the five-piece progressive rock band Possessed was recorded in 1971 but it was never released. On October 25, 1976, returning from a show in Carlisle, their van collided with a beer tanker on the M6. Singer Terry Davies, aged 26, guitarist Vernon Pereira, aged 32, and bassist Mick Reeves, aged 27, were killed.

The album is being released on September 25 … Possessed had built up a sizeable following with stars like Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. Vernon Pereira had played with Robert Plant in Band of Joy and was the cousin of Robert Plant's wife, Maureen. For details of the CD click here.

Vernon was born in Jamshedpur but was brought up in Goa till he came to UK, with his father, at the age of 15.

Source Link...


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AEN tks for your up to date attention!! reminds me of the time we use to do this, some memories for us, and as for the Beautiful James Patrick Page, here is wishing, and hoping for more love, happienss and health, his lovely smile sure fills the world with happiness, and cheers all!!! we are Led Zeppelin Fans!!!

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Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Such a silly man. :P I am from Texas and I don't use the term Y'all. What a funny Englishman that I love.

Can someone isolate the photo of him in front of the Christmas tree please? That is such an adorable photo of him.

EDIT: Thank you for posting Aen!

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I thought it was funny that he said "Hi y'all." :D Did he really refer to himself as "JP"?

Lol! :D


Well, I guess all those years with Patricia he learned to speak "southern"!

AND he is rock royalty, so I guess referring to himself in the 3rd person is acceptable! Ha!

I am just happy he had a great 2012 and is looking forward to the new year! :)

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