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Tried refreshing it, it just updated now.. I wonder why "sick" is in inverted commas?

I think it means this is the time that Jeff 'skipped' the show to be with his LA girlfriend. Jimmy has told that before. I am assuming that's what he means.

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Is this exclusive to Jimmy's site or has this been out before on bootleg?

The complete concert has been around for quite some time.

I think the other rock and roll numbers he is referring to are Sunshine Woman from 1969 and

That's All Right Mama, which he edited out of the WLL medley. Everything except for Sunshine Woman, CB on jp.com and a second version of WIAWSNB from 1969, has been released officially.

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Hello !

Some dates :

* Jimmy Page was interviewed by Shaun Keaveny about Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions on this day : 10th December 2009

* The subsequent programme - Jimmy Page and the BBC Sessions - was broadcast on 6 music as a 2 x 1 hour special, on Christmas Day and Boxing Day of that year, 2009. It has since been repeated.

* In common with other areas of the BBC, 6 music's future is in constant flux. It faced a specific threat in February 2010, when BBC management recommended its closure. There followed a big public and media campaign, with a notable intervention from David Bowie. In July 2010 the BBC Trust overruled the decision and saved 6 music, for the moment.

As the chronology on Jimmy's website makes clear, Communication Breakdown was played during 5 out of 6 of the BBC sessions. With most of those sessions taking place in 69 , it's hardly surprising that this 71 version was left off the CD in favour of all that newer material ...

The "audition report" featured today by Jimmy is one of several BBC documents made available when his interview was first broadcast. They can be seen here:


The webpage explains how the BBC used an "audition panel " to weed out poor performers. Led Zeppelin obviously passed the test, in spite of a few patronising comments. Others, including early incarnations of the Stones and David Bowie, struggled to be accepted.

The page also summarises the story of the cheque featured on Jimmy's site - and recounts how Shaun Keaveny presented Jimmy with a replacement cheque.

There are links to audio from Pete Ritzema, engineer on Zep's first BBC session, and more from Jeff Griffin, producer on some key later sessions.

Most documents relate to the first of Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions, on 3rd April 1969.

Aside from those, two of the links take us into a different area.

" Internal BBC Memo " and "letter to Peter Grant" - are evidence of a dispute about the quality of the 1971 sessions recording.

As Ken Garner's book "The Peel Sessions" documents , the BBC at that time was divided into a global commercial arm, with state of the art recording equipment to match - and a lowly UK outfit which most of the domestic BBC sneered at, and which was poorly equipped for decent recordings. With politics to the fore, two recordings of the Zep session were made in separate rooms, with one version much more sophisticated than the other. Of course there was no question of sharing the best material .....

.. until it seems, Peter Grant got involved ( not to mention Jimmy : Led Zeppelin's " recording fellow " ) . The two careful and polite memos tell us very little ... but they do present a picture of perfectionist musicians trying - and succeeding - to run rings around the BBC bureaucrats...

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