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Been a long time... but just 'cuz I've had nothing to contribute.

Until now.

I have always loved Who's To Blame, and this instrumental version seems exponentially more exciting to me than even my fevered remembrance of the DW2 soundtrack. I mean, to me, this is my favorite JP original track post-Zeppelin, and Hummingbird off the same DW2 album is right up there with it.

Thanks Jimmy, this was like fireworks going off for me tonight!

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NO WAY! I never said I could sing those songs better then Robert Plant and I could accept criticism, but I was just discussing, because I thought I should discuss it even if I didn't sing as good as I do now, which I sadly didn't notice that much at the time and my opinon is, that if you don't take criticism quietly and start to discuss with a reason to improve your singing and also because you find that many people's opinions have no solid ground,

I just don't think there is anything wrong with that and I connected it to Jimmy, because his reasons of bad reception could aswell show a slight disability of accepting that you won't be adored everywhere and that some critics might not like you, but I don't think that is true with Jimmy and it is also not true with me and also we all know, that most of the critics that criticised Zeppelin were indeed wrong, time has shown that, but I really don't want to get into disscusion who was wrong or right about my singing!

I don't want to discuss my singing and I won't, I just mentioned it in relation to this topic! So back to topic!


Please don't confuse your obvious inability to carry a tune with hanging out in Jimmy's private hedges and tossing cds over his fence. Besides that delusional and borderline criminal effort, the two of you share or have nothing in common, and the passing of time isn't going to change that or the quality of your singing.

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It would be extra nice if it also included the rare electric version of Carole's Theme that was released only as a Japanese B-side. I've been hoping for it to show up on youtube...

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Well, you go tell that to the writer Jimmy Page.....

Seems to indicate Cadillac was on the session for the first album, not the 2nd, even tho' it sounds like the Mean Business production. Overall I prefer the sonic aura of the first LP, but Cadillac is my fav Firm song and my fav Page song from the 80s.

I'm loving the "on this day", as if I needed any more conviction that Jimmy Page is the man. Turning out to be a rich cache of music history.

Did you catch the Joe Cocker day? Jimmy had 2 songs up, the 2nd of which had this hot lick that I was sure The Blues Magoos of NYC had invented on their "We ain't got nothin' yet" mid 60s monster hit single. Must have passed for a serious air guitar moment, and what do you know, Mr Page got there first.. just like he did with Nico, Alexis K, etc. He will show us this again and again with "on this day", a fantastic addition to my internet life.

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