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The totally " psychedelic" Stone The Crows......

Stone the Crows - legendary singer's still gigging after 50 incredible years:

In the 70s, she toured with Led Zeppelin at the personal request of mates Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

So when the band reformed in 2007 to play a tribute gig for her mentor, the late Ahmet Ertegun - boss of Atlantic Records - they invited Maggie to take part. She wowed 20,000 fans at the O2 Arena in London with a rousing version of Do Right Woman, Do Right Man - a hit for Aretha Franklin in 1967.

Maggie, 64, recalled: "I had not seen Robert or Jimmy for nearly 25 years and was thrilled to be asked.

"I walked up to Jimmy in the dressing room - wearing glasses and with my hair tied up - and said, 'Bet you don't remember me' "And he said, 'Hello Maggie'. We all look totally different now.

"I met Oasis, U2 and Paolo Nutini at the gig and had a great night. They knew my music and that shocked me.

"The Led Zeppelin reunion was a blast ... but all too quick. It's something which will never happen again and that's a wee bit sad."


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I thought he met her when he was on tour in Brazil with Plant on their first Page/Plant tour earlier in the year.

Whilst working at Grãos de Luz, Jimena met Jimmy Page, who was promoting the album 'No Quarter: Unledded' in late 1994 in South America. They spoke about the problems facing the children of Brazil, and discussed doing a project 'some day'.

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Great solo start today on his homepage. Is it from Jimmys archive?

I'm not one the local experts here, but I've never heard this before. I think it is, could be wrong though.

However, from what I'm hearing, its really good. The vocals are impressive, John Miles is somewhat of

a chameleon with his voice. I had to check to make sure it wasn't Chris Farlowe, who sounds nothing like

Plant, who he pulls off pretty good as well.

Most of all though, the guitar sounds fantastic, especially the quick little riff at :12

Love to hear the rest of it.

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