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Thanks PlanetPage...

Here's the rest...





What a great young photo of Jimmy! Had that unbelievable smile even back then. Amazing that this is 50 years and the music Jimmy has given us and/or produced for us over the years. Even with his inactivity, over the last decade I just resect what this man has done with his playing and production over a vast career. Still amazing!!!! Even though some might disagree. :D:thumbsup:

It lists audio for this post but no link. I'm sure the clip is available on YouTube without a problem.

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...tks AEN for the rest of photos; I only have limited knowledge of paint...shall advance soon...

....as for the audio, that must be Jimmy's private collection, I can only find Nero and the Gladiators...(it's awesome, Jimmy's posted entry and this as well)

Nero & The Gladiators - In The Hall Of The Mountain King - 1961 45rpm

and I love the idea of Jimmy coming to a show for Girls in an ambulance... :heartbreaker: ...how cool is that;


Photo of ambulance


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Goodnight Irene was THE finale at ALL the shows and everyone was onstage for it.

I had forgotten about that. I have the London one on DVD and Layla seemed close to the end.

Didn't know that Stairway was, MrZoso. Stairway was the final of Jimmy's set.

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Jimmy held four months of open rehearsals starting in January 1984 but nothing significant came from them. Collaborating with Roy Harper yielded a connection to Tony Franklin, and on April 30th 1984 Jimmy was at David Gilmour's Hammersmith Odeon gig (which featured Chris Slade on drums). Jimmy & Paul began their rehearsing circa Sept '84, and pre-booked two months of studio time at The Sol, thus purposefully self-imposing a deadline to meet to get an album recorded. Franklin & Slade were then brought in to complete the new band.

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Is there any truth to the rumor that the tour had to be pushed back due to Jimmy's second arrest for possession? I read that somewhere and don't know what to believe.

And the "Swedish aesthetic", is he referring to the feeling I had when I drove my Volvo or the frustration one feels when trying to put together a bookcase that was purchased at Ikea? :bubble:

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Is there any truth to the rumor that the tour had to be pushed back due to Jimmy's second arrest for possession? I read that somewhere and don't know what to believe.

The tour was not pushed back at the time of his second arrest (September 6, 1984) as it hadn't been scheduled yet but touring was placed in jeopardy. On November 4, 1984 at the Royal Crown Court in London he was merely fined 450 GBP (the equivalent of $567) by magistrate Brendan Mitchell, who was cognizant of the fact imprisonment would have kept Jimmy off the road (and thus keep a substantial amount of money out of the Inland Revenue Service's coffers!)

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I appeared on Channel V with Robert Plant

Robert Plant and I had been invited to accept an award from Channel V - India’s premier music channel - and we had won an award for longevity.

The highlight of the show were to be Los Del Rios, whose 'Macarena' song was a global hit at the time. Unfortunately at the last minute the duo pulled out of the trip as one of them had developed a sore throat; which was quite ironic considering they were going to mime. As it was, the chief dancer and choreographer of their video was to perform the song on her own. I believe this was the first time Channel V was doing this on an international level and now they had a bit of problem. They approached us to do something and of course we didn’t have any instruments and hadn’t rehearsed. It was suggested that we could mime Rock’n’Roll with Roger Taylor from Queen on drums (who was there to accept an award on behalf of Freddie Mercury) and a bass player from Goa.

We agreed to it and did a quick rehearsal, I felt sorry for Channel V that they’d been let down by the Macarena boys. During the rehearsals the Goan bass player was well behaved but when it came to the show he suddenly developed a dose of Saint Vitus Dance and transformed into Billy Whiz crossed with the Flash. He couldn’t stop moving throughout the song and made it even more of a pantomime than it already was. But hey we did it and it was real good to be part of this special award show which is still being aired today.

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