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SURVIVING THE WORLD...My new favourite site.

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This is one of my faves: Lesson #7...and apropos considering the new college terms will be starting up again soon:


I just made this one up myself...What Your College Choice Says About Your Relationship with Your Parents

0-45 mins: You've borrowed too much of Mom's kitchen cookware

46 mins to 2 hrs 30 mins: You are still expected to cut the lawn on weekends

2 hr 31 mins to 5 hr: Your bedroom is now a storage room for Dad's Led Zeppelin bootlegs

Over 5 hrs: The perpetual peace and quiet with you gone is so worth it for everyone

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#1116 Nostalgia...I know I've been guilty of this from time to time.


Hey, don't argue with 'em. Somehow the logic works, and when it doesn't, you get whacked with the cane.

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