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Who would you choose to support Zeppelin?

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I would like to see Led Zeppelin open for Pink Floyd! :D

You mean Pink Floyd open for Led Zeppelin? Don't get me wrong, Pink Floyd is amazing, but I have to say that Led Zeppelin is a little better.

It might fail completely, but I think it might be cool to see Guns N' Roses open for them. Axl is genius, even with out Slash and the rest of the gang...

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For sheer guitar brilliance how about Ted Nugent and his group The Amboy Dukes (who are still around playing in the states without Ted)should tour alongside Zep if they deside to go on the road.

I saw Ted back in 1981 in Seattle whilst visiting relatives,for sheer skill,noise and presence on stage he takes some beating.

A Ted and Page guitar duo would make for some really interesting music.

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They just announced an extension of their Snakes and Arrows tour for 2008.........so my personal vote would be Rush. You'd probably have to take a bank loan out to afford tickets, but they'd be my choice for opener.


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For me The White Stripes are the only band that can justifiably support Led Zep.

They - or at least Jack White - understand Zep's style of rock blues in a way that no-one else I've come across since Zep does. I would like to see Jack White do a jam with them - if they do anymore gigs- or perhaps work with them? What do people think?

Here's praying for more gigs - and enough for us all to go to. Oh, and a DVD of the O2 gig.

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I think that there isn't a band out there that wouldn't want to do it. But if you think about it, how bad would it be to be that band. YOUR OPENING FOR ZEPPELIN!! Yes it's cool to say, but I think that the fans would be a little mad because of the interference.

This is just me talking but if I went to a Led Zeppelin concert (Please God), I would not want to see an opener. Bring out the Zepp!!!

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I vote for no opening band, but if there was one, how bout the Black Keys?

I think Plant likes those guys, and the one song I heard would be cool.

I agree that Aerosmith would be cool. But I'd like to see Metallica and Zeppelin on a double bill. Old school fans may disagree, but I still think it would be epic.

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I think a lot of you are thinking too big. Not that any band is too big to open for Zeppelin, but that many of the bands being named are too big to accept opening for Zeppelin (especially bands that are headlining on their own as it is).

There aren't a lot of headliners that are willing to tour and serve as the opening act. STP did it with the Stones, but that was early in STP's career.

I think it would be cool to see a band that used to open for Zeppelin open for them again. A band that maybe never hit the main stream, maybe put out two albums and split. That would be cool.

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Wolfmother would be my first choice. I don't know the opinion of them here but I like them. They've got a good Doors/Zep feel to them.

The Cult or Aerosmith would be a cool option too. Possibly have BOTH bands open for Zeppelin?

And have Iron Maiden open for just the opening gig. :D

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I think Led Zepp is the support act for the Bob Dylan Tour 2008 in Europe.

three parts:

part one: Led Zepp plays a little one hour (only new material)

part two: Bob make his new 2008 show

part three:Bob and his Led Zepp Band


Robert sing All along the watchtower

Bob sing on Kashmir

Robert sing Visions of Joanna

Bob sing on Whole lotta love

Duett Imagine

Bob and Jimi play Purple haze

Drumsolo Bonham (23 minutes) the new moby dick

Spaces - Jimis experimental soundcheck

the evening closed with The times they are a changin

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As a Slade fan I can only say: The reunified Slade, (with Noddy and Jim) what otherwise! :rolleyes:

Slade. Now there's my 2nd choice of reunion after Zep. Such a superb live band. Forget the glam rock connection, these boys could rock live. And according to certain Zep books, Nod was considered for Zep vocalist at one time.

It still hasn't sunk in for me that Zeppelin played the other night. It still all seems so surreal. Its also amazing that Zep have caused havoc yet again on the new medium that is the internet, which didn't exist when they disbanded.

Rock on.

Anyone in doubt, check out Slade Alive.

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No one.


The incendiary, brilliant Nick Harper (www.harperspace.com)

Obviously totally hypothetical, but Nick is the only acoustic musician I know of who could win over a large partisan Zep audience. Check him out! B)

Saw this geezer on DVD a couple of weeks back in a friend's house and he is phenomenal. Really great voice, great guitar playing and brilliant music and lyrics.

You mean Pink Floyd open for Led Zeppelin? Don't get me wrong, Pink Floyd is amazing, but I have to say that Led Zeppelin is a little better.

This could work if they did alternate headlining nights! But really, as if!

The only support i'd like to see in any way would be a similar stage set to the O2 set up and a nice bit of historical footage on the back screen to get the blood pumping. Metallica pulled something along those lines on one of their 90s tours and it worked quite well with scenes of Cliff Burton ("Say Hi to Cliff", Whole Glasgow Audience to video screen, "Hi Cliff"!!) on through, then they fucked it up by going backstage and then nada then the intro music then the gig. If I was sorting the "Zep Show" I'd go for two or three bits of nice footage with songs not to be in the setlist that night and as the last clip comes to an end The band come on and we all go nuts/they tune up, then one last clip appears of someone from the Glory Days introducing the band then then bang! into the gig. Jimmy, if you're reading this you're welcome to use the idea and it'll only cost you 2 tickets. :D

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Hypothetically, if Zeppelin did a tour and they took out a support act, who would you like to see with them? Me would like to see UFO.

Heart! I grew up listening to Heart and they are one band I would also like to see anyway. So that would be 2 fantastic bands I would get to see. Plus the fact they are heavily influenced by the great Zep, so they would create that amazing atmosphere.

Another one I would love is Stevie Nicks. No real reason. Just cause I am a big fan of Stevie's and would like to see her again. I love her songwriting abilities, just like Zep's amazing songwriting. And also, that whole mystical thing she carries just like Zep is mystical.

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