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Guilty Pleasures


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^^^^ THIS! ^^^^


I started to list Dexy's Midnight Runners' Come On, Eileen, but that has almost become mainstream guilty pleasure, and therefore not so guilty at all.

OK, here goes...

At least Strider's with me here.

OK, now I'm easing out onto a really narrow limb...

And now I'm probably totally on my own here, but I've got a daughter who watched this constantly, and the first time I heard this I liked the driving, chunky beat and the vocals.

Even as I just searched this out on YouTube, all 3 of my kids said, "Dad! You're listening to Zoey101???"

There goes my street cred.

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And now for total humiliation...

Again, all I can say is having a daughter exposes you to a lot of music you would NEVER otherwise be exposed to.

I heard this so many times it became burned into my synapses.


When she got this CD, again, I actually liked the chunky beat.

And I just connected with how much SHE liked the song.


Of course, my youngest son also had his influences...

That's it.

Although, to be fair, my kids also love Achilles' Last Stand (not so much a guilty pleasure as just a little unusual for an 11 year-old girl and 12 year-old boy who likes hip-hop), Delbert McClinton's Lone Star Blues, and David Allen Coe's You Never Even Called Me By My Name.

So they have their own burdens to bear.

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At least Strider's with me here.

Hi Strider! Hi TypeO! :wave:

I'm with you guys too! :D I love ABBA. They were the very first pop group I got into when I was barely 5 years old! My mom is a huge fan too! B)

This is my favourite ABBA track. I'm sure you guys are familiar with this cool tune! ;)


And here's yet another fav of mine by ABBA! :D:wub:

And this happens to be my 2000th post!! :banana:

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What can I say...I'm just a Dancing Queen! :banana:

Congrats Preetha on your 2000 post! I don't know how many I have but I'm sure it's nowhere near your total...okay, I just had a look: I've just past 1000 posts myself. But I've been here since 2007, so that's not even a post a day. I'm such a slacker...

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I might as well join in with the ABBA appreciation. :D

I can remember watching Top of the Pops as a six year old when the above song was at number 1. ABBA were also the first band I ever saw live. Great singers, great song writers.

I put this in the wrong thread really, I don't feel guilty about it in the slightest. :P

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