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RIVAL SONS, from Los Angeles

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I am on the Rival Sons Facebook page.  These guys are the real deal and they have a lot of great songs.  Its one thing for one or two songs to hit big and have filler.  Its another thing for at least 90% of the songs I hear from Rival Sons to really hit the spot.  

Everyone tries to link them to Zep, but for me.  Its the Songwriting craft that both bands have in common more than anything else.  Rival Sons to me have a better edit button on their songs and stretch out live.  The added thing they have that Zep don't is that Rival Sons can reference Zeps era.  Where Zep could only really look to the blues and 50's rock and roll/some english folklore as well.  

Rival Sons are in the Studio as we speak, as of this post.  The album will be produced by Dave Cobb and we should see a Jan/Feb release,because they give themselves at least a month to cook with songs.  They also start the Deep Purple tour in Nov.  I am also sure Rival Sons want some time with thier families before they do basically do Deep Purple/Black Sabbath back to back.

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I can't wait to see Rival Sons with Black Sabbath in Feb. at Madison Square Garden!

I think the Sons should have spent more time trying to craft a hit song or promote one of their songs that would have been the most likely to be a hit. I don't think they have really done that. Instead they tour incessantly and thus have built a cult fan base. I guess it's the Grateful Dead m.o. Maybe one day they will have a hit, like the Dead eventually had a hit in the 1980s. I don't know how they tolerate the incessant touring. I hope Jay's voice holds up.

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On ‎18‎/‎02‎/‎2016 at 11:30 PM, Lambeau Leap said:

They're playing some headline shows in select cities while they're on tour, they're playing a headline show tonight in Nashville. 

about time some headline shows awesome band...

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