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Is the song remains the same original?

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Some more similarities:

Both songs are to be found on round records with a hole in the middle, packaged in a sleeve.

Both songs are from a rock group with a singer with blonde curls, and a very crazy drummer.

Both songs feature electric guitars.

This amazing discovery should be made into a book for tin foil hatters.

How did this post get overlooked?

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It takes a certain amount of musical knowledge to precisely judge alleged resemblances between songs in the field of popular music. There are certain harmonic progressions for example which have been used in hundreds of songs. They are generic and the resemblances are of no matter - look at the 12-bar blues for example. In addition, there are certain common ideas which guitar-based songwriters use because they are effective on the guitar.

The alleged resemblance between 'Sparks' and 'TSRTS' comes down merely to this: 'Sparks' is an instrumental constructed by using triads on the top three strings of the guitar, moving over an open D string (functioning as a 'pedal' note). It also has a couple of riffs, one based on D and a climax on E before the return of the D riff. Pedal notes are common in Who songs.

The first few bars of TSRTS (only!) move a triad up the neck over a D string pedal. This lasts ... six seconds? ... and is never repeated thereafter.

This kind of an idea occurs in many rock songs, including briefly in other Zep numbers such as 'Stairway' (verse links) and 'Over The Hills' (very end of the intro).

The resemblance is therefore negligible, of no musical significance and in no way impairs the identity of either song.

If TSRTS has a prior influence it lies in the opening of the slower verse section, where the chords C and G lead to a semitonal arpeggio shift between F# and F. This shift is uncommon especially when approached from a C chord. Listen to the verse of Love's 'The Red Telephone' from Forever Changes (1967) an album which Plant revered, and which Page may have heard, where the same F#-F shift is heard at a similar tempo.

However, this also does not constitute any kind of a steal, nor does it infringe TSRTS's status as a classic original rock song and in its live version a clever piece of arrangement for a single electric 12-string.

I hope this post is enlightening.

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I don't hear the similarities at all either. I am not sure if this is looking for something that's not there, or just a matter of someone's ear hearing something different from others'.

The only similarity for me is two great songs by two great bands. :D

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LOL here is a similarity for sure, the Yardbirds "knowing that I'm losing you". I'm sure most of you have heard this.

Page co-wrote this with Relf. Was never released on a Yardbirds album. Page dusted it off and reworked it for LZIII. Do some research people.

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Yes it is the music that matters, and Bill, what is your deal with the "do some research people" quote? How the fuck do you know what I know or do not know? I posted a song for people to listen to. This isn't a competition for who knows more than the other person. And for your information I have heard both stories that he wrote it with Relf and that he wrote the words and music himself. I have also hear that Jane Relf was upset at the fact that Jimmy gave no credits to Keith so who knows what is true. Did you know that smart ass? Keep your bull shit comments away from my post unless you have something nice to say.

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Well, that's true, but if your songs were recorded by another band, wouldn't you be pissed?


If my lyrics were used I'D BE PISSED.

But Keith didn't write the guitar part so he can fuck himself if he thinks its unfair.

Page wrote a fantastic guitar arrangment it didn't get recognition he released it using his new band and it got recognition.

Ex.Say I'm in a band I come up with guitar riffs etc.We record a song its meh The band splits I form a new band and we use what I WROTE.

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