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If Zeppelin is your favorite rock band....


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Led Zeppelin fans,

We all need to cast our votes and make them beat out Queen in this vote for "best rock band of all time"

We all know who is #1, but with so many people voting for Queen, we should be showing our support as well.

Page is also nominated for best guitarist and Plant is coming up for best rock singer

Let's unite on this please!!!

here is where to vote:

vote for led zeppelin!!

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I am very happy for the come back of Led Zeppelin .

I was too young during the glory years

Very difficult , but i vote for Led zeppelin .

I have 2 dreams for 2008

My first dream , see Led Zeppelin in concert

My second dream , participate to the marathon In New York

Freddy ,

I hear 2 times the band this year


a good guitarist


it was magic

I saw in 2006 and in 2007

a tribute band to Led Zeppelin


Daniel ‘B-Bender’ Verberk - guitars

Daniel a very good guitarist too

Keep cool


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Not to mention, who the hell voted for Aerosmith, and much worse, Bon Jovi, over The Who or Black Sabbath? Bon Jovi?!?! Seriously? I mean, I'll give Aerosmith a little credit, since I realize that other people like them even if I don't, but Bon Jovi beating The Who...disgraceful.

gotta give kudos to Aerosmith...Bon Jovi almost 25 years now too.

no, not a Queen owned site but I gotta tell you,

when you pull up this site, votenumber1.com on google, I think they have hit every Queen forum in the world because it's mentioned.

We should spread the word as well...why give Queen a #1 crown when Zeppelin is clearly the best.

The internet moves fast if we allow it to so let's get rolling on this.

Zep is only 2% behind and I bet many fans are not even aware yet

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Queen? The Best of all Time??? I mean they are okay but they are not better than Led Zeppelin, The Stones or Aerosmith. I have seen all of the above and, live and in person, there is no equal to LZ.

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Led Zeppelin is the greatest band in the history of the universe, ever, period. They are the standard with which I measure all other bands and music. I was singing Zep songs before I could even talk. I wish Robert Plant was my knight in shining armor. Hell, it woulda been awesome to have him as my dad. *sigh* *swoon*

*EDIT* I just voted on that thingy and the gap is closing between Zep and Queen.

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