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^^^^^Greenman, you take fabulous photos. There is texture and form in the shots. You have a very good eye. As well as a good camara.

Thanks, while I wouldnt say a 550D is the highest level camera for landscape shots where advanced autofocus and high frames per second don't matter its as good as many larger/more expensive models. I actually went for it over the 60D or 7D(5D mk2 and L lenses are beyond my means at the moment) for those reasons as it makes it easier to take with me more often.

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Went on a cruise today. Had a 5 minute stop over at the scenic Rangitoto Island (famous for its volcanic terrain). The above shots are some of the highlights of what I came across in Rangitoto. Believe me, 5 minutes is sure not enough to explore that island! Sheesh! Oh well!

No fancy equipment used here folks. It was just me, my dear little cell phone and of course mother nature ;)

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