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That's funny. They are actually civil war era guns at a fort best known it's bombardment that inspired Fancis Scott Key to pen the Star Spangled Banner in 1814. The fort served as a prison during the Civil War. Was known as the Bastille of Baltimore because so many political prisoners were detained with out a writ of habeous corpus,

Those are some big muthas. :^)

Took this behind my house the other day. Loved the cloud formations. :^)


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Zep Head, I usually find “Pathway” artworks to be completely trite BUT yours is wonderfully

compelling and the “Duck” photo is surreally splendiferous.

Skorzeny, If that waterfalls is REAL...I know where I’d be shooting the next LOTR film.

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I know it has been a long, cold winter for most of you, especially those of you in the Northeast that had to deal with several severe snowstorms. So now that Spring is officially only a couple of days away, to help herald the warm days ahead, I thought I would share some photos I took at the beach last week. To help you get in the mood for Spring.







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