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Wow great stuff Darren! Maroondah Reservoir looks awesome, reminds me of some great spots in the North Georgia/Appalachian Mountains like Amicalola Falls! Thanks for sharing bro!

Hey no problem S.W

I know they are average but I did try most of them with manual settings rather than automatic.

Cheers man. :)

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That's a beautiful shot. I've tried to do the wispy water effect myself but with poor results.

Thank you SozoZoso. :)

I think it was just adjusting the time exposure for a few seconds. Maybe 4 or 5 sec exposure. I honestly can't remember. It wasn't windy so the leaaves on the trees didnt blur.

^ very nice pics azad

Thanks zepscoda, I have an itch to get the camera back out as it's been a while since I did.

I am interested in learning how to do time exposure with start trails etc.

Maybe with an old building for focal point with hidden torches slightly lighting up the arch ways of the building whilst taking pics of that and the country clear night sky every 5 to 7 seconds for hours.

Then editing in the computer and stitching them together in stitching software. :)

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