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How'd you get hooked on Led?

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It was 1981 and I was a freshman in high school.    One of my classes was a speech glass taught by an instructor by the name of Mr Gum.   Mr Gum would spend a lot of time in class not teaching speech, but talking about politics and culture.   One day, he decided to talk about backward masking on music albums....and Led Zeppelin in particular.    This peaked my curiosity about the band, so I bought LZ IV to play Stairway backwards.   While I had heard of several songs,  listening to the entire album got me hooked.   I then bought the double cassette to The Song Remains the Same and I became a disciple.  

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1988 I got into Zep based on Heart being the gateway band.  Also adding that Rock and Roll was the first song I heard from Zep.  Love this band.  Have most everything from them.  First 6 albums are perfect.  P/ITTOD are good but not great.  I can feel the magic in the songs dropping.  

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I was 12 and a friend of my older bro lend him one of the casettes os "Physical Graffiti", the one starting with "In the Light" and followed by "Bron-ya-Ur"

It was love at the first hearing, o played the casette over an over again. At that time we owned a pretty record collection, includong Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Animal, that was banned in Spain, Beggars baquet of the Rolling Stones, the first records of Elton John, Guess Who, and many more

but nothing compared to Led Zeppelin.

Years later I was asked by a friend to help him to prepare an english exam, I gave him a couple of classes, iwas not going to charge him for that as his mom waned so he stole for me two records from the local record store, one of them was the "Physical grafffiti". It was the best gift i have ever had.

Every 5th of July, my birthday i play "The Song Remains the Same" full blast first thing in the morning and over an over again just to make my spirit high.



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