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New 02 rehearsals - December 5th 2007

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Dateline: Tokyo, Japan Thu, Sep 8, 2011

Led Zeppelin's Swan Songs (2007 UK Shepperton SB)

Empress Valley Label proudly presents for the very first and only time anywhere, the complete and uncut Final Rehearsal for the 2007 reunion show in incredible Stereo Soundboard!!!

This Extremely Ltd Edition (200 Copies Only!!) 4 CD Set is housed in a special slip case and features as a special bonus 2 Additional CDs with an original Audience Source of the Reunion Show.

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I also read that there is a release with a bonus disk including Southhampton Soundcheck, Presence rehearsals, supposedly unreleased LZ2 outtakes (existing multitrack clips perhaps?), and RAH outtakes from coda sessions.

That is a separate release:


Led Zeppelin's Countdown [boogie Mama 1CD] is a single disc collection with the 2007 Shepperton reunion gig rehearsals along with bonus material including previously unbooted (really?) Led Zeppelin II outtakes, the Southampton 1973 soundcheck, Presence rehearsals and Coda outtakes from the Royal Albert Hall 1970.

There is also now this:

Led Zeppelin

"The Triumph Rehearsals / PCM / WAV File Master"

-2cd paper sleeve - TARANTURA

5th December 2007 Rehearsals Shepperton Studios

Disc 1

1. Intro

2. Good Times Bad Times

3. Ramble On

4. Black Dog

5. In My Time Of Dying

6. For Your Life

7. Trampled Underfoot

8. Nobody s Fault But Mine

9. No Quarter (start only)

Disc 2:

1. Since I ve Been Loving You

2. Dazed And Confused

3. Stairway To Heaven

4. The Song Remains The Same

5. Misty Mountain Hop (end missing)

6. Kashmir

7. Whole Lotta love

8. Rock And Roll

...Led Zeppelin rehearsal recording releases coming fast and furious here in Tokyo....

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Nice to know they have quality recordings of the rehearsals that they can use to splice into the audio of the concert itself to mask the feedback issues - if that is the best option. Personally, I hope the entire recordings DON'T find their way onto internet. I'd like to see the boys paid for their work or at least see a portion of the sales go to the Ahmet Fund. The bootlegs are fine for the interent, but pilfferred recordings....NOT!!!

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