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^ That looks like an early first leg show, no dragon embroidery on the pants, no poppies on the jacket. I believe the jacket was embroidered first and he wore that with the white satin pants until the embroidery was done on those as well. I don't believe the full white dragon / poppy suit was worn until the beginning of the second leg. Not sure exactly but I know the early gigs he only had the above or just the jacket.

My guess is this is probably Dallas April 1st.

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Not saying this photo is from Tempe - I don't know where it's from. But, looking at Jimmy here, it's certainly a possibility LOL



This is a photo by Neal Preston taken during 1977 but an internet search states the date it is taken is unknown

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It's from either the first or last night in Chicago

Yes, that could be correct as Page pulled a Madonna that night big time. Dude had several costume changes that night (April 10th), Stormtrooper getup, gangster fedora, white satin, I also think there could have been another change in between the gangster gear & the white satin but not sure...it was 38 years ago after all.

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Coolest Jimmy Page look ever!

Without a doubt. I know I am in the minority here but I never liked the stage costumes Jimmy wore, the dragon suits and satin Hugh Hefner looking bullshit. Jimmy's look circa 66'-69' was my favorite. Most of Robert's blouses were way to feminine for my tastes, he should have just stuck with the tee shirts. JPJ from 73' - 79' was mostly WTF but before that was fine. Bonham was always good to go except for Knebworth.

I liked Robert's Nurses Do It Better shirt and Jimmy with the black jacket at the July 24th Oakland gig. 

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He looked pretty good on the 1975 american tour.

Well he was dressing better but that haircut? Looked like one of Elvis's Memphis Mafia cronies, though I preferred that look to his stupid Prince Valiant cuts in 73' & 77'. I liked Jones with facial hair, it really favored him. Thought he looked best in 69'- 72' and again in 80'.

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