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olympic studio 1969

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The second photo was featured in JP's photo book released last year.

I believe the date is around April 17, 1969 the earliest pics of Jimmy with the famous Les Paul. He would later use it live on April 26, 1969 in San Francisco where the band performed Wole Lotta Love live for the first time. There are also pics from an early May 1969 show in California where he is using the Dragon Tele and the Les Paul live in one show.

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A session isn't one song it can many songs worked on in one session. These pictures are from 1969 and SIBLY wasn't released until October 1970 so I doubt this is what they are working on. Considering the fingering Jimmy is playing I would guess he is recording Ramble on, or the solo for Thank you but I'm leaning towards Ramble on.

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