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Like to Intrioduce a new Led Zeppelin Tribute

Downing Grey

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Hi, I'd like to officially let this forums members know there is a new Led Zeppelin band formed and about ready to hit the road.

Our project is "currently" half an evening of RUSH music and the second half, Led Zeppelin. We have loosely called this interesting new project "Fly by Zeppelin" and we plan to be playing by November starting out in upstate NY. We are the core of 4 musicians from the band www.downinggrey.com and since DG lacks a keyboardist to complete the tribute to classic prog we have moved on as this new 4 piece project and plan to keep it running even when we do find the keyboardist we so desperately need.

So please come and see this band if you catch a flyer out there as you will not be dissapointed by the work we will perform.

Some of the songs we are doing from RUSH are; La Villa Strangiato, Xanadu, Freewill, Lakeside Park, Cinderella Man, Hemispheres and so much more

Some of the work from Led Zeppelin includes; The Song Remains the Same, Ten Years Gone, Night Flight, Achilles Last Stand, Wonton Song and more.

We have just changed direction from work from bands like Yes and early Genesis and Gentle Giant and are already almost complete with the set lists for the RUSH and LED ZEPPELIN and ready to book soon, so keep watch if your from this area.

Here's a short recording, now you have to know that; I did not know my Daughter made this on her phone. We planned on setting up on stage for DVD's to use as promo's so this footage is raw and right from the practice room, Our little drum is not properly mic'd we learned how to do this later that night and no one is dressed for stage or aware of the camera. We even have a totally baffeling moment where an amp seems to go to sleep. We found it funny... Anyway enjoy, you don't see unaltered footage of a band much anymore everyone masters their vocals and fixes mistakes. Here's our first time through this piece, as our guitarist just learned the tuning that very session and our bassist figured out the mandolin parts on the spot as they have some similiarities to That's The Way another song we do in our acoustic section.

We hope you enjoy this small look in on a bands practice session, please leave a note on the youtube comment option if you like it......... and thanks for letting me say hi !

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Rush AND Led Zeppelin in one show.


Great vocals on that video by the way.

Well sir thank for that. The bad/good news is the Rush Zep tribute is still here but we have found our keyboardist. So with this new member we are once again able to reform "Downing Grey" a Tribute to Classic Progressive Rock.

We are now changing direction a bit and currently working on Yes, Genesis and and an ELP piece at the same time we will be choosing Zeppelin and Rush pieces to include in any evening that have keys in them. We will move toward work like In The Light or No Quarter right away, they have a nice Prog edge to them and Rush will consist of work like Camera Eye, La Villa perhaps Xanadu. ?

The interesting thing is, if you come to one of our concerts you'll hear a full night of the best songs like, Dance on a Volcano, Firth of Fifth, Mad Man Moon, The Lamb Lies Down on Brodaway, In that Quiet Earth, South Side of the Sky, Gates of Delirium, Awaken, Heart of the Sunrise, Bitches Crystal, Skating Away, Dogs, In the Dead of Night, Alaska, along with the Rush and Zeppelin choices and then work from Gentle Giant and Focus and perhaps an encore surprise like Silently Falling from Chris Squires solo album, and Nobody Else from Atomic Rooster or how about Kid Charlemagne and Burn? we want to give people who have not heard some of this music done LIVE... the chance to see it all! A modern day personal LIVE STAGE Ipod for the progressive rock lovers who are still out there by the millions but are still quiet about their music as it is underground from all the new age material, Top 40, Rap, Pop, Metal and you name it. Somehow the very best music is just not out there very much as a choice for music lovers who know great music. We intend to do our best to correct that for "those who claim they know" and give some younger prog patrons a chance to see what us older farts have been talking about..

Most any person who understands this music and appreciates its complexity and beauty will have a blast at a concert like this. I hope we can get to England and Europe with this someday, music is a tough business, so who knows if we wil last that long? What we have going for us is a real odd set of talents and a love of this music that has kept this band going for a while now. So stay tuned, and I hope we get the chance to bring this where you can see it one day. Nothing quite like it has ever been done, not this well.

If we do an album night our choice would be to do "Animals" - "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" and "Close to The Edge" complete.

We will be posting more samples and updating the web site soon.

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