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Original or New TSRTS


What version of TSRTS do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer the 1976 or 2007 version of TSRTS movie?

  2. 2. Do you prefer the 1976 or 2007 version of the TSRTS album?

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I also like the original for the raw sound, it's sounds wild!

But there is one exception and that is Stairway to heaven! The solo sounds so much better on the new one! And Dazed has more sections on the new one, which is cool!

No quarter is definately better on the old one, the new one has a wonderful section missing!

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Yes the Stairway solo was the same, but the mix is soooooo much better! And a few little mistakes are corrected!

Basicaly I was talking abut the old and new mix and I said nothing really disturbs me except the mix in Stairway solo on the old one!

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Yeah shure all you say it's true, but I think the bad Stairway solo mix on the old one just spoils the solo! No other solo has that problem and all the other 'weird' stuff mix wise or other wise that happens on the old release is great!

But not the Stairway solo for me, it's just not really good with that sound and I heard it from a bootleg before the 2007 release and it was much better then on the old release, infact I was shocked how much better it was on a bootleg, so I was happy that it was so great on the new release!!

If you ask me the reason is the combination of bad mix and the double neck, which does not create such a good sound and I read that is the reason Jimmy only used in the studio once, for Carouselambra!

Rock on,

Samo Kodela

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I always thought that the original sound track album was a different performance of "No Quarter" and that's the version I prefer, although the sound quality of the old CD isn't as good as the original vinyl. The old CD doesn't have enough bass, for one thing.

"Dazed And Confused" is longer on the new sound track CD. I suppose because the original had to be cut to get it on one side of vinyl.

The new CD sound track seems to be identical to the DVD/Blu-ray sound track where the old CD and vinyl had longer or different versions such as the "Crunge" part of "Whole Lotta Love" and were Plant says, "John Bonham.....John Henry Bonham" after "Moby Dick".

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