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As I listen to the show... I am continually impressed with how well Robert sang. Was he hitting all the "high" notes ? ? ? No-No-No, I am not talking about that. I am talking about how much emotion and energy and balls out singing he did on each and every song !

Whatever syles of singing Robert uses in his solo carrers, he showed up as a member of "Led Zeppelin", and sung his heart out. There was no holding back.

Jimmy did a damn fine job as well !

JPJ was flawless, as usual !!

Jason, is Jason, and he can only get better, that is, in reference to approaching the Greatness of his Dad's playing.

If this was regular tour, then after 4 or 5 shows... they would really be "in their groove". Now this is not taking ANYTHING away from the 12-10-07 show. It's merely stating, how much better it all gets as the tour progresses. And that is a GOOD thing !!

If have have to single out one song, as so many are favorites, I personally pick "Kashmir" as the summit for me . . . :D

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I'd have to go with Kashmir. Or maybe Dazed..

Least successful I think Good Times Bad Times.....I think the sound engineers were still getting it sorted and I'd psyched myself up for Rock n Roll to be the opener.

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk ..... This Thread is supposed to be just about "The BEST Tune of the Night", and not the Least. Save that for another thread!! :thumbdown:

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Dammit, PotBound, you got to hear an extra song! :angry::D


Oh, hell! That's what I get for posting after 40 hours awake... :P Er, meant to say No Quarter.

Or...should I start a rumor :rolleyes: about an after-party, after-party, LMAO! :lol:



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I agree with 99% of people that Kashmir really was the mutts nuts.

The best thing was I had completely forgotten about it being so excited by each song played so when the band kicked into it it knocked the air out of me. Fantastic work. It really was epic.

On a personal note I am a huge fan of Trampled Underfoot so it was nice to see that live and of course No Quarter was great.

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Stairway to Heaven, man I got sooo stoked when I heard it live again. I never thought I would be alive to see my ALL time favorite song live again.

I also liked Kashmir, but I would have to say that I actually liked the version of Page and Plant in the No Quarter tour better- that was awesome.

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Kashmir was absolutely stonking. :blink:

Led Zeppelin in all its glory B):rolleyes:

can you imagine if the go on tour and practice and play about twenty dates how much tighter and better they would play these are some of the greatest virtousos of are generation they sounded pretty good for such little time practicing i thank them for playing for us again ,they could all retire well deserved

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I'm just listening to the boot for the first time today (Kashmir's playing at the moment)...I couldn't pick a favorite; I'm just so awe struck as to how amazing it ALL sounds. I've had goosebumps and been on the verge of tears. I'm so proud of those guys :notworthy: And THRILLED that some of my friends here had the opportunity to see it :D

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Good Times Bad Times......I'm not naming it as my favorite.....I'm like some that was expecting Rock & Roll or something else......it's just amazing with me how it made GTBT almost like a brand new song again.....it was the perfect start......then it just got better from there...what a show!!!

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I was there with the celebs and have now reviewed all available videos and recordings.

Best performances/atmosphere etc., in descending order (and entirely subjective)

IMTOD (The moment we could all really relax and enjoy)






Black Dog

GTBT (Inspired opener)





No Quarter

DaC (Some lash-ups here)

STH (If it's performed it needs commitment, and Jimmy had to play the solo)

Ramble On (Destroyed by the sound quality)

All of it was great, probably only the last three could be described as sub-standard.

The sound clearly varied substantially around the arena, so everyone's experience will have been different.

I had no problem with the downtuning.

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I have to give the nod to Kashmir for the best song of the night. It just gets so intense by the end.

For Your Life had a nice debut. Such a heavy riff.

Trampled Underfoot was as intense as I've ever heard it.

IMTOD also sounded great.

I really liked Jimmy's tone at the O2. How nice was it to hear songs like Dazed and Confused with Jimmy's beautiful wall of distortion? His tone just seemed to give songs like DaC and IMTOD such an errie feel.

I also thought Plant sang Stairway VERY well.

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I didn't go but people up there actually have the nerve to complain Stairway was played?

I'll go back in time and go for you instead,if you don't respect that that was the ultimate moment of your life than you didn't deserve to go!Stairway is brilliant,and Kashmir is far more "Predictable",i love Kashmir,but what's wrong with Stairway?It's beautifully written,it starts with an amazing intro,it builds to a climax of the greatest solo of all timr,what more do you want?

Also,i was surprised to hear they didn't do ALS,It's Jimmy's Favourite!

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for your life was amazing .. i love the song . its by far the most heavy zepp song . its what they woulda sounded like in the 80's .

syth. was also great. cause the last tree times theve played it . it sucked . eaither pages dauble neck was outta tune(1988) or plants voice wasent up to par . ( 1985). and dont even mention that bad version they did in japan in 1994 . plant's voice was shot. page kept it together the best he could . but gezz they didint even play the solo. thankfully at the 02 they brought back the magic !!!!!

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For Your Life sure came on strong........sounded fantastic.........I've been hard pressed trying to figure out a favorite tho.

From what I've seen... IMTOD and For Your Life

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In regards to some of the simple stuff, listening to a recording of the show, liked the things like jason's simple tom hits and bass drum, in the space of -for your life, have really enjoyed listening to this song live. Also liked the part in -nobodys fault where jimmy stops playing and you just hear the drums and bass, for the live effect. The backing vocals by jason on -good times,bad times and misty mountain hop are good for the songs live, such great songs for them to play live.

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