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Bass Players


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1.Percy Jones (Brand X)

2.John Entwistle

3.Chris Squire

4.Jaco Pastorius

5. Stanley Clarke

sorry , Jonesy is not in my Top 5

He is an extremely gifted player in the Jamerson School and I love his Lemon Song bassimpro, but the guys above set new milestones. Macca qualifies as well, but somehow I can't dig his sound as much.

In the underrated category, however

Pakrash John (the bassist on Lou Reed's R'NR Animal)

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1. Bootsy Collins

2. Les Claypool

3. JPJ

4. Chris Squire

5. Flea

Bootsy gets my vote as #1 because he was such an innovator. Though in my opinion, overall, no one can touch Les Claypool...that dude is a madman!!!

Glad to see a fellow Bootsy Collins & Flea fans.

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In order, my five favorite bass players are:

1. John Paul Jones (Led Zep and others)

2. Chris Squire (YES and others)

3. Jaco Pastorius (Solo, and with Joni M, natch)

4. Ralph Bryon Mitchell (Aussie band Rock Monster and others)

5. Andy Fraser (that young guy from FREE that owns "All Right Now", with his bassline!) .......:) missy

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