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Hallooween Candy


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I'm a sucker for Whoppers (let the jokes begin, lulz).

Most milk chocolate, especially Reese's.

Also love sour stuff, especially the Halloween staple, Sweet Tarts.

I sort through the candy (safety check) and take my "Dad's Cut" right off the top.

That's right, I am...

Troll Dad


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I buy what ever is on sale the night before or the morning of Halloween. If I buy it too early, it gets eaten and I have to buy more.

It's usually a mix of somthing chocolaty, something sweet and sour or something gummy. I try never to have leftovers.

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when i grew up there was this marina that always had frozen candy bars, so i will have to say the frozen milky way, snickers, etc. also the old fashioned charelstion chew, taffy candy bar which i think arent around that much anymore. so....kids... just put the candy bars in the freezer. chrunchier and different. haha

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I don't give out candy at my door (no one comes around). But, I do give out candy at my youngest son's school. I usually give out lollipops (Dums Dums), which are safe and small.

Now for my personal bowl, I'm content with some candy corn and mini Snickers.

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We have our candy to hand out but with this impending storm I do not know if Halloween will be on or not? If it lasts into Wed night then there will be very few trick or treators

This is the 30 yr storm they say. Remember the "Perfect Storm" hit on Halloween

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