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Dave Grohl tells it like it was (for him)

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From ROSS HALFIN's website:

Dave Grohl tells it like it is...


Just wanted to thank you for being so accommodating to me and my cast of nerds the other night. It was an epic night, to say the least. Arriving at 10 am that morning, sleeping for three hours, heading to the bottle shop for refreshments to take with in the van, pissing like a Clydesdale upon arrival to the gig, and then the mighty Zeppelin.


For Your Life. Maybe my favorite song of the night, except for Kashmir, which was beyond spot on.

The dry ice machine.

Black Dog. Like they never stopped playing it.

Asking Marilyn Manson if I can give him a hickey. "No". Asking his girlfriend if I can give her a hickey. "Sure!" To which Marilyn replied "No".

Not understanding one fucking word that Liam Gallagher said to me.

Steve Gorman. A good guy.

Peter Mench being nice to me. Sign of the apocalypse? Perhaps.

The entire 2 hours that the band performed.

Without sounding like a cunt, I had waited to see that my whole life, and it did not disappoint. Of course, I had always dreamed about being behind that drum set, but the sheer thrill of being there overcame any envy that I may have had. Jason was fucking great. Face it, he had people like me, Chad Smith, and Steve Gorman watching his every move, all night long, and afterwards we all agreed that he played great. Just three jealous drummers, drinking away our life long dreams of one day jamming with the greatest rock band of all time. Fucking pathetic, we were.........

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for including us in everything. It meant the world to me.

Congratulate the boys for me. Hope they take this circus on the road. If there's an opening for drum tech, you know my number.


hahaha :lol: :lol: thanks for posting.

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What more can you contribute to being a Zeppelin other than having the records, (gold ones too)?

Seeing them live?

Having JPJ playing on one of your albums?

Meeting/interviewing them quite a few times?

Learning to drum from listening to Bonham, stating them as an influence (most do)?

Im pretty sure everyone has the albums, and quite a few seen them live, even the last one, but..

..Grohl has had one of the Zep's play on his bands album, JPJ was on the side stage the other day when i was at the 02 Arena, hanging out with the Foo Fighters before and after, i mean he's a big fan, and he is definatly a big fan, im not saying BIGGER than anyone on here though, but he's definatly a big, lucky fan.

Good points, how is one supposed to "contribute to fandom" other than to do all the things he's done, like we all do...buy the albums, see them in concert, buy some merch, talk about them to fellow fans, get tattoos, etc. And yes, he has the means and connections to take it further than any of us can, by meeting them, interviewing them, getting them to play on his records. Can't blame him for any of that.

And your assertion that he talks about Zep to magazines so he can show up in more keyword searches online? That's hilarious.

And to put this in context, I have 100+ Zep bootlegs, and own exactly ZERO foo fighter cd's, so I'm not some Grohl fanboy. I just think your assertions are wildly off base, and am engaging in some lively debate. Have a nice day yourself.

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Oh come on he's obviously being VERY tounge in cheek when it comes to playing drums for LZ, he damn well knows that it's not gonna happen, but what do you'd think he'd say if he was asked?

He's one of us, if I was one of the world's bigest rockstars I'd praise them up into the sky every chance I'd get. And sure Steve, he's mentioning Led Zeppelin in interviews so he can get more google hits... :rolleyes:

Chill out people, I can't believe anyone thought he was serious about being the drummer. :lol:

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Jesus, you people need to get a clue. All this Dave Grohl bashing is beyond pathetic. He's never been anything but complimentary toward the band, gave Jason his due for having kicked ass that night and you're all flaming him for it? Fuck the heck? What would you have said if he wrote that the band sucked and he could do better?

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Yeah...same here, man. I like the Foos but still haven't bought any records by them (There's always another priority, y'know?) but from what I've seen of Dave on a whole range of subjects, he's the fan's rock star because he doesn't waste time with transitioning to being a star but is still really enjoying that aspect of 'What? I can interview Robert Plant and Jimmy Page for Ray Gun? Get the fuck outta here!'. It's just what a lotta people out here dream of and just the way they'd like to think they'd be in his position. Take a look at the photos of Dave and he's always having a blast and never tempted to elevate his head into cloud coke-o land.

Absolutely brilliant interview with Jimmy and Robert and you can tell they enjoyed it a hell of a lot too.

Good points, how is one supposed to "contribute to fandom" other than to do all the things he's done, like we all do...buy the albums, see them in concert, buy some merch, talk about them to fellow fans, get tattoos, etc. And yes, he has the means and connections to take it further than any of us can, by meeting them, interviewing them, getting them to play on his records. Can't blame him for any of that.
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What a strange discussion! I'm with SunChild and Mattmc here.

It's only natural for people to voice all kinds of preferences for a drummer when it's just an abstract discussion. But after we heard that they would actually do a gig, and that they had chosen Jason Bonham as their drummer, some people were still going on about it! 'No, they should've chosen Dave Grohl' or 'Michael Lee is much better'. After they'd chosen a drummer people were still going on in this manner. What was the fucking point? It was bizarre - if you already have a band there the only remaining thing for us fans is just to decide whether we want to go or not.

Well, Jason Bonham did a wonderful job by all accounts (including Dave Grohl's), and what I've heard from the show is certainly very, very impressive. OK, Dave Grohl attends the gig, and then sends Ross Halfin an e-mail (not necessarily a public statement), which Ross decides to publish. Grohl is obviously pretty talkative, and he is simply humorously describing himself and some other respected drummers at the gig, and saying that Jason was really great all night, and that there wasn't a thing they could criticize. Anyway, he also says that the main thing was just to be there and enjoy the show, and that he did. Well, well, well - now people here will not even allow him that! What is the logic here? Because Jason Bonham was great, Grohl shouldn't even be allowed to speak about the band or the concert? Absurd! :thumbdown:

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EXACTLY-Thanks Otto....jeez I psoted the Grohl quote because I thought it was FUNNY.

It IS funny. Besides frikin DG is a very successful band, was rumoured to have been in the running for the gig as well,AND has PLAYED with rock royalty on other high profile TRIBUTE shows as well for crissakes...

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I just realized everyone was talking about that poser from The Foo Fighters............. He's a MTV crap merchant at best.....Yeah he played in Nirvana but that guy can't jam with The Brits, we're talking a very high level of improvisation and musicianship here and believe me even the very best of us couldn't step into this mystical world. I'm sure there are bands out there that think they can play a better version of "whatever" but they're all dead wrong. Only the Beatles are in the same stratosphere, Maybe Dave should talk to them about John Lennon's spot.

Edited by B-Bender
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Grohl's always struck me as a pretty alright guy who's never been afraid to talk about the music he loves. He improved Nirvana 100% when he joined them and, while he may not play drums in the Foos now, the first Foos album was all him, all instruments, all vocals. Who wouldn't want to jam with Zeppelin? Personally I think he was lucky enough getting to play drums for the mighty Killing Joke on their 2002 LP and shouldn't be allowed to play with anybody else, but that's just me being jealous.

There's only one drummer for Zeppelin and that's Jason Bonham, they split up because of his Dad's passing then it makes sense that they should come back together with Jason, it just seems more valid.

So if DG needs a drum tech's drum tech for the (hopefully) upcoming Zep tour(s) PM me!

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Dave Grohl is as huge a Zeppelin fan as anyone on this site, if not more. And there's no one in the music biz who gives more props to Zeppelin for their contributions to music overall, and to his own career, than Grohl.

Here's just a sampling of articles where Grohl gives his thoughts on Zeppelin, and pays them nothing but huge respect. I guess what I'm saying is, I don't see how any Zeppelin fan can have a problem with a huge rock star getting on his knees and being as huge and humble a Zep fan as any of us...

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4

And a great interview where Grohl sits down and talks to Robert & Jimmy...

Grohl interviews Page/Plant

Thanks, for sharing those articles, Matt. They were great. My fave was the interview with Jimmy and Robert. Lot's of good 'Plant-ations' in that one. Dave had Robert on a roll. :D

Dave: [laughs] We played at David Bowie's 50th Birthday Party at Madison Square Garden -

Robert: That must have been ages ago. :lol:

Dave: [laughs]-and I'd never been backstage before. So we drove up that back entrance, and all of a sudden it looked very familiar .It was from The Song Remains The Same, I stepped out of the car and I felt as if I was in my own rockumentary! Are you guys planning on going out touring?

Robert: As soon as we can get off this silly roster of corporate promotion to try and prove to everybody that we're still on the cutting edge of ... middle age. [laughs] We'll be touring through the year.

Dave: As extensive as the Unledded thing? Because that was really big.

Jimmy: Yeah, About the same.

Robert: I just saw our manager around the corner, and I was making sure he wasn't here before we said, "No, we're not touring half as much..” [laughs] Jimmy and I, we've got 11 interviews to do tomorrow. Eleven!

Dave: Jesus Christ.

Robert: That's kind of unbelievable for two up-and-coming young starlets like us. < :hysterical:

Wish I could have been a fly on that wall. :thumbsup:

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In 22 years I have

never heard of Dave Grohl contributing anything directly to Led Zeppelin fandom

beyond quotes, dreams and some unremarkable music. Anyway, have a nice day.

Depends what you mean by 'contributing'. Praising and discussing the band in whatever context? Collecting live shows? That's 95% of Zep fandom right there - are they not contributing either?

I doubt any of us know the actual extent of his contributions. For all anyone knows he could be a longtime poster on one of the forums - that whole username thingy kind of makes it difficult to tell.

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The world is a better place knowing Dave Grohl took a piss on the way to the gig and he used Ross Halfin to get in.

Show's over. Go away?

Looks to me like Dave is just thanking Ross for the hook up and letting him know that he had a great time. But let's face it, had he said that the show was ok, but he hoped it would be better, people would blast him for that. Dave's a fine drummer, and I'm sure he knows that there is no way he would be considered for a gig with Zep. The only drummer they could accept is Jason, because he's a Bonham, and he's an amazing drummer as well. Any drummer that loves rock music would give just about anything to have that job, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'd love to just jam with Jimmy, in any capacity. Here's to hoping for a tour from the mighty Zeppelin. Peace to all.......

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Dave Grohl is a fucking fantastic drummer, and I dare say better than Jason, though I love Jason's playing, Dave Grohl inspired me way before any of the Bonhams did. I KNOW Dave can swing, and he can rock, he's even been called this generation's "Bonham", and it's true. If any of you guys saw him play, he has such charisma and his kit sounds fucking great, mainly because of his good touch.

If you've actually heard any of the albums he's drummed on, then you'd know, wouldn't you? John Bonham is my favourite drummer, Dave Grohl second. No crime in wanting to drum for Zeppelin. I bet most of the people here complaining about Grohl have dreamed of being Plant, or having his package at least.

So coming from a primarily rock background, you have to appreciate where I'm coming from.

Oh, yea... Dave doesn't use double pedal either. Not like it matters, but, only real men use single pedals. :P

So here for you, is some tasters (Only rock roots fans will appreciate this the most, I feel :P)

Juliette and the Licks record with Dave Grohl

(Some nice grooves you'll hear on this vid)

Avon - Queens of the Stone Age

(Classic performance where he gives the fans his own Bonhamesque moment half-way through)

Dave Grohl and Queens of the Stone Age raw drum track

(Really great timing and raw ferocity with the use of his triplets)

Feel Good Hit of the Summer (live) - Queens of the Stone Age

(Great feel and power on this one)

Regular John - Queens of the Stone Age

(Real heavy hitter - I especially love it when he controls the tempo through out the song)

Spank Thru (two live versions, Chad Channing vs Dave Grohl) - Nirvana

(Dave really proves he has great dynamic here; see which version you prefer, I know which one you will :P)

No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age

(This new live version that I've never seen before just a minute ago kicks too much ass)

Walkin' On the Sidwalks - Queens of the Stone Age part 1

(This great song doesn't just show off Dave's creativity with the track, but there's also the added bonus of MARK LANEGAN, one of the greatest blues/rock singers)

Walkin' on the Sidewalks - Queens of the Stone Age

(This really is an incredible performance, in the middle of the song, they do a Led Zeppelin style jam and really control the sound)

Song for the Dead - Queens of the Stone Age

(The ending multiple triplet rolls by Grohl are astounding)

PS: I'm not suggesting Dave should drum for Zeppelin (that would be nice, though), I'm just defending him from all of you people saying he's no good.

PPS: Listen to any album he has drummed on, you won't be sorry.

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I heard that DG cheats on the triplit kicks that he stole from Zep.

How can someone "cheat" on a triplet? A triplet is what it is.

Edit: Here's some more:

Red War - Probot

(Immense power, just wow... And don't forget, what you're hearing on this is a SINGLE PEDAL)

Stairway To Heaven - Dave Grohl /w Taylor Hawkins

(Not him drumming, but a must see anyway! Don't take it in a bad way, by the way)

Edited by Bonham
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