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What are you sad about that Led Zeppelin didn't do ?

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There are a few things they didn't do that I wish they had:

Played Four Sticks live more than once.

Played In The Light and Houses of the Holy live

Toured places like South America, Malaysia,Spain,Egypt and other "exotic" locales from which to draw inspiration.

Released the two extra tracks ( "St Tristan's Sword" and "Lost in Space") from the fourth album.

Released any multi track recordings from the Japan 71 tour.

Released the jam session recorded around the time they were recording Physical Graffiti.

Continued and released the 1970 documentary....

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I don't think their legacy would exacerbate had they released the raw footage of the MSG gigs. OK, those concerts contained some mistakes, but they were too trivial and definitely not a pertinent reason for not releasing them.

He is saying that TSRTS is a huge part in the band's history.

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Dude i didnt know until Led zeppelin till 2 years ago. I was listening to Lady GaGA and shit like that.

Well, just think about all that IS out there you can catch up on. ... We always had/have 'rock and roll class' for our kids. Don't think they could even remember a time they did't know who Led Zeppelin is. When my youngest was six, her favorite song was Black Dog. I'm so proud.

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I was 17 when Zep played Knebworth and my mate couldnt go with me, my mom told me I couldnt go by myself,but "can see them again,the next time the tour England" and well you all know the rest...Zep split on my 18th birthday December 4th 1980... :tears:

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i wish led zep could play at the superbowl like the stones and the who did. that would have been a great achevment for them if they could do that. i think they could still do it if they want to just like the did the reunion consert in england.

It'll never happen.

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That's a cool idea! It could be a unisex fragrance, smelling of Scottish heather, Egyptian incense, cigarettes and 1970's wood paneling (suggesting the interior of a recording studio). Maybe a slight hint of guitar polish too. And Jack Daniels.

well since i was joking with the idea, i thought why not bring it to life?


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