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Why no D'yer Mak'er live?

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No, to me the bigger crime and squandered opportunity was the band's neglecting 5 key PG tracks that I wish they had included in the setlist...if not in 1975 when PG was barely out, then certainly in 1977, when PG was now legend among the Zeppelin faithfull and a certain amount of stasis and boredom would set in the third hour of the set.

I speak of these songs: The Rover, Wanton Song, In the Light, Night Flight, and Houses of the Holy. Oh, and throw in Custard Pie, too!

I never understood why they didn't either. One of the great things about Page playing with the Black Crowes was the simple fact that tunes like Custard Pie were actually played in a live setting.

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D'Yer Mak'er woulda been a brilliant one live guys. so would have In The Light, Houses of The Holy, Custard Pie, Hey Hey What Can I Do, The Rover, Gallows Pole, Four Sticks, When The Levee Breaks (how in the hell they thought this sucked live is a testament to their horrible decisions sometimes) ....

1971 US tour: (set list addings) Gallows Pole, Four Sticks (maybe every other show?), Misty Mountain Hop, Friends of course,

1973 US Tour: (set list addings) full Crunge, D'yer Mak'er at least tried out a couple times, what about Houses of the Holy right here too? wouldnt hearing a track like this that wasnt on the album blow your mind?

1975 US tour: (set list addings) Custard Pie (would've been a very very heavy opener with R&R as a second song, a straight segue between CP, R&R and Sick Again after that, a three-fer to begin the show :) Never abandon When The Levee Breaks or The Wanton Song, both were insane live on this tour and were frequently the best two songs done (during a time when Plant couldn't sing at all, but was still willing to give it his all, which directly makes a song like The Wanton Song GOOD

1977 US tour: (set list addings) cant remember who said this earlier on this thread but someone said Houses of The Holy live on the 1977 tour would've been a blast and WOW....i can picture this now and this song and its jokey references would've made a great fourth or fifth song or as even an early encore if they were willing to beef it up and make it as big as it was on the album version. once again a dropping of In My Time Of Dying for When The Levee Breaks every other show would've been great too, here. Tea For One, For Your Life would've totally worked in the setting of the most drugged out most reckless tour Zeppelin ever survived..well sorta survived. id have also loved to see them do It'll Be Me every night too :) maybe some Ron Wood in one place here, some Keith Richards there, Mick Ralphs in Fort Worth of course, it coulda been the Great English Waldo Pepper ;)

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