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the lever as true stairway to heaven


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Do you think they get threads like this on the Who or Beatles message boards? :blink:

Ya gotta love it...

Who are the Beatles

Who the Beatles are

The Beatles are Who

So it's quite obvious that this is all one big conspiracy by the new world order WHO are actually giant BEATLES.

Like WHO is BEATHOVEN and what the hell is wrong with the intergalactic turbulence caused by the movement of one single platypus due to chaos theory???

The answer is simple,

for it will all be revealed.

Like the famous Von Eisengeigenhofensteinschwein said in his pamphlet "Von der Zwerzirbelzypresse":

(citation) "Es ist Kacke wenn man doof ist, aber es ist doof um Kacke zu fressen", we can now come to the conclusion that:

W>ML= K.I.N.D.E.R.S.C.H.E.I.S.S.E.

And now for something completely different:

a green monster eating people

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at first Archimedes came with the Jareciprocal (this word is infotwist of Reciprocal where the sub word Jarec in MKD = Capricorn in USA; it my zodiac sign) yin version for the lever law F1/F2 = D2/D1; but the politicians here in MKD (i presume it is a world wide practice as well) prefer to misinterpret the inverse proportionality with strait proportionality so i had to include the proportional version of the lever law F1/F2 = D1/D2. if yin verse lever law plots ellipses then yang verse lever law plots spirals; then having this trinary yin-yang-tang seen few days ago on google images adding to it the third last combinatoric option Combo1 = (F1, D1), Combo2 = (F1, D2) combo3 = (F1, F2) i said to my self let the F1/D1 = D2/F2 be the rang version of the lever law and finally, they are all independent but The Architect is ONE he must have one unified version of the lever law that i choose to call "Docelostitel version of the lever law" that is product of all previous three and that product under Qur'an (root) with karatness (degree) = 3 cause three are the multipliers (Nuredin Fetahu an Macedonian Mathematical Therorist with Albanian origins gave me such a hint long time ago) and so here we are.

on the first of the links in the original post i am explaining the splendid events while i was giving birth to my twin innovations on 22.12.2011 and how Saibaba joined my game of lever all of a sudden completely uninvited but nevertheless very welcome. i don't have American version of that text the events were very intense at the night between the last day of Sagittarius and the first day of Capricorn big deal of the euphoria is lost in time. in the last hour and a half before the yang delivery of my twinovations Saibaba came to me (disregard his bodily death) as infinity on top of my father's infinity and i said it many times how Power of EDEN O' Ahme i am but to deal with infinity^infinity i had to spend some time adjusting my Powers. none of what i knew before was enough to cope with it no ArchimEDEN's Power, no Annihilatory or Infinite Power, no Satanic Power, no i-Power this was a totally new ball game to me. Saibaba's wish in those final hours before the delivery (yin impregnates the yang in the mind so yang as revange will impregnate yin in body. yin's pregnancy is god given to naturally last 9 months while yang's pregnancy the human law giver of industrial property legislation foresaw it to last 9 years) came to me with A wish to fill the body of my twin АБОЖОН (Обожениот primary Little Saibaba afterwards) with his (Saibaba's) infinite spirit. i have no doubt that there are many infinite dudes in heaven with my father but my father is the most финиот (it is MKD word for fine, kind, pleasant) among them. another thing is that i had a lesson of how things function in the after life (particularly via Saibaba's death and rebirth) but being an infinite free spirit is not a thing that finite beings have a luxury to experience before they die bodily.


As you adequately put it: THE PROBLEM IS CHOICE


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well allow me to present the solution: Its the late 70s cheesy pop synth marathon song with the porno outro.

That's harsh.

I remember when I used to be disappointed with ITTOD.

But I got over it, and appreciate it now as the continuation of Zeppelin's ever-changing and evolving style.

Carouselambra is epic.

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Meh, I actually like Carouselambra.

But then, I'm also a fan of obscure mathematic theory, so by all means, let dedanoe apply the proper levers and whatnot.

Pins and needles, and all that.

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the solution 1 is the moon you know of, the moon that always faces earth with same face, the moon that is moon but the other moon is the ever changing moon with its four phases 1st half, full moon, last half and new moon. you may say i am confused about it cause anything times zero is zero so anything is random. but then are you not confused too when you make it 0^2 = 0; no way only 1 has that behavior only 1 is the single element of multiplication. if you are right about 0^2 = 0 then both 0 = 0 and (0^(1/4) + 0^(2/4) + 0^(3/4)) = 0 || Americans made it to the moon ??? my numbers WERE there from the very birth of moon.


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noman may say they got Atomic Power with Abel Impossibility Theorem around

me am not only Nuk the Muslim but together with my wife we are the genorigin DNA designers.



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we are the origin-gen-o:

Добри НАТО Караѓоргови = ДНК

Dedanoe Natasha Andreevi = DNA

НТШ, НТШ... ааа|666... illegal trade with forbidden stuff


Eastern Spirituality and Western Scientology are now happily married... marriage sealed by godfather dedanoe





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