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LSU @ ALABAMA: Game of the Century?


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Well, it is finally upon us: IT being the college football tussle between #1 LSU(Louisiana State University...site of Led Zeppelin's Feb. 28, 1975 concert) and #2 Alabama, at Alabama's home field in Tuscaloosa, this Saturday night.

College football often hypes these games as the latest "Game of the Century"...I believe at last count, the 20th century had 17 such games...but in this case the hype might be warranted, even if the 21st century is only a decade old.

Both teams are recent BCS National Champions(LSU twice, ALABAMA once), both coaches are ranked among the best in their field, both teams are undefeated and feature speed, power and crushing defenses(LSU in particular).

Which may be why I am picking LSU to win, even though I normally wouldn't pick against Alabama on its home field...especially in a night game.

But having seen LSU play twice so far, their defense has really impressed me to the point that I think they have a good shot at beating the Crimson Tide at Bryant Denny Stadium this Saturday night.

The winner of this game obviously has the inside track to the National Champonship game in January 2012.

So, college football lovers, who you got? LSU or Alabama?

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Tough one to pick, Strider. I'd have to flip a coin.

Led Zeppelin performed on campus in Tuscaloosa, May 1973.

Advantage Alabama.


Yes, but they also played at LSU, so it's a push. Wonder if they played any other SEC schools.

I know they didn't play USC or UCLA.

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Alabama learned the importance of a good kicking game. It's like a Ferrari tooling down the road on a donut tire...you're only as good as your weakest part. I'll never understand having a top-notch team with speed, power, and depth at every position, then having no kicker. 2/6 on field goals was the difference tonight. That kicker Foster is gonna have a hard time walking around campus.

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